(in most vertebrates) among the tough bodies or processes usually fastened in a row to every jaw, serving for the prehension and also mastication the food, as tools of attack or defense, etc., and also in mammals commonly composed chiefly the dentin neighboring a sensitive pulp and covered ~ above the crown through enamel.

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(in invertebrates) any kind of of various similar or analogous processes emerging in the mouth or alimentary canal, or on a shell.
Machinery. any type of of the uniform projections ~ above a equipment or rack whereby it drives, or is propelled by, a gear, rack, or worm. Any kind of of the uniform projections on a sprocket by which it cd driver or is pushed by a chain.
Botany. any kind of small, toothlike marginal lobe. One of the toothlike departments of the peristome the mosses.
a surface, together on a grind wheel or sharpening stone, contempt roughened so as to increase friction with another part.
a rough surface produced on a record made because that charcoal drawing, watercolor, or the like, or on canvas for oil painting.
verb (used through object), toothed , /tuθt, tuðd/, tooth·ing . /ˈtu θɪŋ, -ðɪŋ/.
verb (used there is no object), toothed , /tuθt, tuðd/, tooth·ing . /ˈtu θɪŋ, -ðɪŋ/.
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cast / throw in someone's teeth, to reproach someone because that (an action): history will ever throw this blunder in his teeth.
cut one's this on, to execute at the beginning of one's education, career, etc., or in one's youth: The hunter boasted that having cut his this on tigers.
in the teeth of, so regarding face or confront; straight into or against: in the teeth of the wind. In defiance of; in the opposite to: She preserved her was standing in the teeth of public opinion.
set one's teeth, to become resolute; prepare for difficulty: He set his teeth and separated the combatants.
set / put one's teeth on edge, to induce an unpleasant sensation. To repel; irritate: The noise that the makers sets my teeth on edge.

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show one's teeth, to become hostile or threatening; exhibition anger: typically friendly, she suddenly began to show her teeth.
before 900; center English; Old English tōth; cognate v Dutch tand,German Zahn,Old norseman tǫnn; akin to Gothic tunthus,Latin dēns,Greek odoús (Ionic odṓn), Sanskrit dánta
Toorak tractor, to order, toorie, tooshie, toot, tooth, toothache, toothache tree, tooth and also nail, tooth ax, toothbrush
ivory, snag, tush, tusk, molar, premolar, fang, cuspid, bicuspid, incisor, eyetooth, projection, point, stub, cog, peg, root, prong, denticle, canine
any of various bonelike structures collection in the jaws of most vertebrates and modified, follow to the species, for biting, tearing, or chewingRelated adjective: dental