Hello dearat very first let's solve you're question because it's false; it need to be "Do you recognize 'the'(not 'a') plural of fox due to the fact that the is only one plural not more.FOX is a Noun, it's plural is Foxesi i beg your pardon you got it , and also feel free to ask for more


Sorry, but it's not "wich", the correct to usage in this expression is "wish", or better, "i hope you gained it"


At first, let's settle your answer. It's 'let's solve YOUR question' no 'let's deal with YOU'RE question.' LOL


Let united state pay attention to another mistake in this answer: "Its plural is foxes" no "it´s plural is foxes".

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Well in reality it would certainly be “the” plural is foxes and also not “its” plural. But if girlfriend you said “its” climate it would in reality be “it’s” due to the fact that it is possessive. That is stating the foxes is Fox’s plural.


This was good fun! :D I'm a norwegian designer, ns was googling if "foxen" could be used as plural, together I like the old-school sound the it. Guess it can't… – but this thread was really entertaining, and also it will never die :D You're question is a classsic. "Wich you acquired it" - which i guess must be "wish", kinda method that you didn't acquire it - but it would be cool if friend did…It's in reality "its" that's the exactly possesive pronoun, not "it's". Oh, I'm still gonna usage FOXEN.Cought you later's, Ali-Gator's!


The ordinary dominance is - when a count noun end in a sibilant, add -es to type the plural.

Anyway, like whatever else in English, there are a number of exceptions.

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The plural of FOX is FOXESApparently FOX is also acceptable as a plural for fox(https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/fox)

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laying in bed or lying in bed?"Hi there!Please aid me to understand: ns was laying in bed or lie in bed? What dominion is it? "