of, relating to, or situated on or near the side of a human being or point that is turned towards the west once the topic is facing north (opposed come right).

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Mathematics. Pertaining come an element of a collection that has actually a provided property when written top top the left of an facet or collection of facets of the set: a left identity, as 1 in 1 ⋅ x = x.
the Left, the facility of individuals or organized teams advocating liberal reform or revolutionary change in the social, political, or financial order. The position hosted by this people.Compare right (defs. 33a, b), right wing.
Usually Left .Government. the component of a legislative assembly, especially in continental Europe, that is located on the left side of the presiding officer and also that is customarily assigned come members that the legislature that hold an ext radical and also socialistic views than the remainder of the members. The members of such an assembly who sit ~ above the left.

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First videotaped in 1125–75; 1935–40 for def. 6; middle English left, lift, luft, Old English left “idle, weak, useless,” Kentish form of lyft- (in lyftādl “palsy”); cognate with Dutch, low German lucht; akin to center English libbe (modern language lib ) “to castrate,” cognate through Dutch, short German lubben
Lefkoşa, LeFort ns fracture, LeFort II fracture, LeFort III fracture, lefse, left, left atrioventricular valve, Left Bank, left brachiocephalic vein, left brain, left-brained
Why carry out “Left” and also “Right” median Liberal and also Conservative?During choice years, the words left and also right often lug to mental the political spectrum 보다 they do directions in space. But where perform these associations come from?
11 Contronyms you’ve Been making use of Without realizing ItContronyms have the right to bewilder you fast. For this reason hold rapid to this evaluation of the inconsistent meanings of usual contronyms, or words that have actually two opposite meanings.
near, port, south, larboard, revolutionary, liberal, progressive, leftist, departed, extra, over, continuing, forsaken, residual, split, leftover, remaining, staying, marooned, sinister
(usually prenominal) the or designating the next of something or someone that deals with west as soon as the prior is turned in the direction of the north
(sometimes capital) radical or progressive, esp as compared to much less radical or gradual groups, persons, etc
(often capital) the supporters or proponents of varying levels of social, political, or economic change, reform, or transformation designed to promote the better freedom, power, welfare, or comfort of the common people
Old English left idle, weak, variant of lyft- (in lyftādl palsy, literally: left-disease); associated to middle Dutch lucht left

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