Now placed all the offered values in this formula, we gain the concentration the hydroxide ion.

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" alt="4.22=-\log " align="absmiddle" class="latex-formula">

=6.0\times 10^-5M" alt="=6.0\times 10^-5M" align="absmiddle" class="latex-formula">

Therefore, the

concentration is,

I believe Gases A and also D


The currently in both gases complement up with the present in the unknown mixture.


If 28.25 ml of 0.07439 m naoh systems was forced to with the endpoint in a khp titration and also the sample load was 1.1670 g, reason regarding why scientists opt come transmit data at lower frequency rather of electromagnetic also if it have the right to carry an ext data at a greater frequencies is since using higher frequencies the electromagnetic spectrum travel much shorter distances yet have higher data transferring capacity.So this physics characteristic of electromagnetic waves borders the range and ease of access of frequencies for sending information.

2) restrictions of making use of electromagnetic waves in sending communication

communication is a process of transmitting and receiving information in the kind of signals.high an innovation communication usage electromagnetic waves,there room various varieties of electromagnetic tide which are provided in interaction which include radio-waves,microwaves,infrared e.t.c few of their restrictions are

i)Because over there is minimal number of transfer frequencies the usage of transmitters should be minimal in some method or they will certainly seriously interfere v each other.

ii)Through the waiting signals deserve to be distorted through atmospheric conditions and also signals from an are are sometimes distorted through solar activity

iii)physical tasks such as mountains and also buildings can prevent or interfere through some transmissions

iv)Through the wait signals space not private,so any tuned receiver within the range can choose up them.

3)Differences between digital and also analogue signals

Analogue and digital signal are provided to transmit info usually through electric signals.

An analogue signal is consistent wave denoted through sine wave and may varry in signal toughness (amplitude) or frequency(time) an example is sound from human being voice is analogue due to the fact that waves space continuous..

A digital signal is a signal in i m sorry the original details is converted right into a wire of bits before beingtransfer .example a must for computer processing whereby is explained as utilizing (0s and also 1s)and thus can not take any fractional value.

4)Advantages of using digital signals end analogue signals

one advantage of digital signals are inherently less susceptible than analog signals to interference led to by noise due to the fact that with digital signal the is not essential to evaluate precise amplitude,frequency or phase.

Another benefit based in volume is that digital signal carry more information per second than analogue signals.

Digital signals keep their high quality over long distances much better than analogue signals.

5)How we usage digital and also analogue signals in our daily live

digital signal handling is the means of life of present generation

example is smart phones do alot of digital signal processing .they procedure our our decided digitally to eliminate background noise,echo e.t.c

Television also do a lot of digital processing of video,audio signal to current them in a better way.

How radio telescopes are offered to explore space

A radio telescope is a specialized antenna and also radio receiver provided to obtain radio waves from huge radio resources in the skies in radio astronomy.It has several key parts, a dish and also antenna,a receiver,a detector and also an analyzer.The food collects the radio signals from room ad concentrates them on the antenna.

6)How radio tide are offered on earth

Radio tide are provided to transmit television and also radio program They have actually longer wave lengths and are reflected by the ionosphere

7) reasons why telescopes convert radio tide (analog) to electrical(digital) signals because that analysis

This is due to the fact that signals can be quickly stored and transmitted in digital form.The analog is consistent in time and it is necessary to transform this to a flow of digital values.

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couldnt do my own so...

a.) What is the equilibrium concentration the CO at 1000 K? : 0.0130M

b.) What is the equilibrium concentration that Cl₂ in ~ 1000 K?: 0.0410M

c.) What is the equilibrium concentration that COCl₂ at 1000 K?: 0.136M


The complete question is:

Kc= 255 in ~ 1000K for reaction CO(g) + Cl₂(g) ⇄ COCl₂(g). If a mixture initially has a CO concentration of 0.1490M and also a Cl₂ concentration the 0.177M in ~ 1000K, what space the equilibrium concentration the CO, Cl₂ and also COCl₂ in ~ 1000K?