The coveted trophy will be forgive to either the Milwaukee Bucks or the Phoenix Suns at the end of the NBA Finals this month




When the NBA Finals involved an end later this month, one team will certainly walk away v a stunning trophy.

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The Larry O'Brien Trophy — which is named for the late previous NBA commissioner — is awarded in ~ the NBA Finals every year, and also has been "designed" and also "handcrafted" by Tiffany & Co. since 1977.

Crafted each year at the Tiffany hollowware workshop in Cumberland, Rhode Island, the item is made from sterling silver v a gold vermeil finish and weighs 16 pounds. It stands 24 inch tall, follow to a press release native Tiffany.

The coveted trophy shows a basketball prior to it enters the net and is produced by making use of "age-old approaches such as spinning, silversmithing, chasing, hand engraving, and also polishing," Tiffany added.

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The Championship Trophy was an initial created ago in 1978, per the NBA. Then, that was well-known as the Walter A. Brown Trophy, honoring the initial owner the the Boston Celtics.

In 1984, the trophy to be renamed because that O'Brien, that was commissioner the the basketball league from 1975 come 1984. He was likewise later inducted into the Basketball hall of fame in might 1991.

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The stunning trophy is created over a time expectancy of about six months for a complete of 63 hours of labor, according to Tiffany & Co.

The firm also creates various other basketball trophies, such as the bill Russell NBA Finals MVP Award, the WNBA Championship Trophy and the NBA Eastern and Western Conference Championship trophies.

Either the Milwaukee Bucks or the Phoenix Suns will certainly take home the Larry O'Brien Trophy later on this month ~ the 2021 NBA Finals.

The Suns, who have never winner an NBA championship, make their first NBA Finals appearance in 28 years and also their third overall throughout Game 1 top top Tuesday, follow to NBA.

The Bucks, meanwhile, make their an initial NBA Finals appearance in 47 years and also their third overall. They winner their only NBA championship in 1971.

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The Milwaukee Bucks and also the Phoenix Suns will continue to confront off in video game 2 the the NBA Finals on Thursday, which will certainly air on abc at 9:00 p.m. EST. The Suns right now lead end the Bucks after ~ Tuesday night's game.

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