Football (soccer) is Guatemala’s most well-known sport. The national team competes internationally, and Guatemalan players number prominently in clubs in other national leagues, particularly those that Mexico and also Uruguay.

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In 1950 Guatemala hosted the main American and Caribbean Games, a quadrennial competition arranged in 1924 in i beg your pardon Guatemalan athletes have actually participated since the gamings were very first held in 1926. The country likewise competes in the quadrennial Pan American Games and also participated in its very first Olympic Summer games in 1952 in Helsinki.

Outdoor sporting activities are main recreational activities. The most famous are white-water rafting close to Acatenango Volcano, kayaking top top inland Lake Atitlán and along the Pacific coast, spelunking in the limestone labyrinths that the Petén plateau, and also volcano climbing and mountain biking in the sierras above Antigua Guatemala. Snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, scuba diving, and also surfing are likewise popular recreations among visitors come the Caribbean coast. In larger communities throughout the country, to chat parks attract crowds ~ above weekends.

Media and publishing

Major newspapers and publishing houses, and also radio and also television stations, are located within the capital. Amongst the most widely circulated papers are La Prensa Libre (“The cost-free Press”), El Gráfico (“The Graphic”), La Hora (“The Hour”), and Siglo Veintiuno (“21st Century”). Siglo News is an English-language newspaper, a companion to Siglo Veintiuno. Diario de Centroamérica (“Central America Daily”) is released by the government. Radio and television have actually assumed a significant role in reaching huge numbers who space illiterate or that reside in remote locations of the country. All way of communication are ostensibly totally free of government censorship. Censorship has been enforced in times of crisis, however, and also intimidation and also threats that physical injury have frequently hindered the cost-free expression the thought.

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Precolonial period


Follow excavator Francisco Estrada-Belli in an expedition to the archaeological dig website Cival and discover information about the Mayans

The old Maya were one of the many highly emerged peoples that precolonial America, boasting a sophisticated calendar, astronomic observatories, and construction skills. During the Classic period dating indigenous 300 come 900 ce, the Maya constructed the majority of their cities. The causes of the sudden abandonment of countless Mayan cities starting about 850 ce are still gift debated, but a combination of soil exhaustion, climate change, and armed problem may have contributed to the cities’ decline. As soon as Spanish conquerors arrived in the 16th century, castle found countless cities in ruins and also encountered tiny organized resistance. Still, isolated bands that Maya-speaking individuals avoided Spanish control for countless years in the colonial period.

The colonial period

Under the Spanish, a resources was reestablished in ~ the nearby location of contemporary Antigua Guatemala. The capital achieved a certain magnificence, and also the other major towns gained some facets of Spanish culture, however the outlying areas were just lightly affected. As soon as the resources was razed through a series of earthquakes in 1773, that was relocated by royal order come the present site the Guatemala City.

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Compared with colonial Mexico or Peru, both of i m sorry had large deposits of priceless metals, early american Guatemala arisen no an excellent degree of financial prosperity. The farming for violin of agricultural staples, principally cacao (the resource of cocoa beans) and indigo, by Indian or african slave labour was the major economic activity, to exclude, of production for subsistence. Towards the end of the early american period, the production of cochineal, a red dye obtained from the bodies of insects, competed with the other farming exports. Industrial assets from England, despite the initiatives of Spanish authorities come exclude them, involved Guatemala via the Caribbean and Belize. Commerce, however, was never ever extensive; a satisfactory harbor was never ever developed, interior transportation to be difficult, and also pirates harassed the coasts and also preyed on shipping. The importance of Guatemala City place in the fact that it was the governmental and religious centre of the entire an ar between Mexico and also Panama, gift the headquarters of the captain general, the high court (Audiencia), and the archbishop. The modern-day states the El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Chiapas, Mexico, were districts under Guatemala’s jurisdiction in early american times.