Calculates the volume, lateral area and also surface area that a square pyramid provided the base side and height.

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base side a
height h
The base and also height the the good Pyramid that Khufu room calculated together default values (230.4m and 146.6m). \(\normalsize Square\ pyramid\\(1)\ volume:\hspace105px V=\large\frac13a^2h\\(2)\ lateral\ area:\hspace65px F=a\sqrt4h^2+a^2\\(3)\ surface\ area:\hspace63px S=F+a^2\\(4)\ height\ of\ side\ face:\hspace20px b=\sqrth^2+(\large\fraca2)^2\\(5)\ angle\ of\ inclination:\hspace10px \phi=tan^\scriptsize-1(\large\frac2ha)\\\)

Purpose the useWhat is the volume that the square pyramid, given the basic edge and slant height. Round your answer come the nearest tenth, not using any kind of units of measure up in her answers.
Purpose the useMy difficulty was through is problem... V= 1/3 Ah; V=45 and also h=5. Discover A. Comment/RequestI have no clue exactly how to discover this answer and will offer up because that now.

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