Explanation: To find the mass of Cl us will need to transform the mole of Cl come mass utilizing the partnership of 1 mole = molar fixed of Cl.

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0.500 mole Cl x 35 g Cl / 1 mole Cl

= 17. 5 g Cl

Answer : The massive of 0.500 mole of dichlorodifluoromethane are, 60.455 grams

Explanation : Given,

Moles that = 0.500 moles

Molar fixed of = 120.91 g/mole

Formula provided :


Now placed all the given values in this formula, we acquire the fixed of dichlorodifluoromethane.



Therefore, the fixed of 0.500 mole of dichlorodifluoromethane are, 60.455 grams

n = m/MWhere, n is variety of moles (mol), m is fixed of the link (g) and also M is the molar mass of the link (g/mol). Moles that Ba = 0.500 molMolar massive of Ba = 137.327 g/molBy using the formula,0.500 mol = m / (137.327 g/mol) m = 0.500 mol x 137.327 g/mol m = 68.6635 g m ≈ 68.7gHence, the massive of Ba in 0.500 mol is 68.7 g.
Question: What is the massive of 0.500 mole of Ba? The massive of 0.500 mole of Ba is 274.6 grams, girlfriend can find this using the regular table. Below is the connect to a very helpful interaction one.https://www.ptable.com/#Writeup/Wikipedia
The mass of 0.500 mole that Ba is 68.67 grams calculationmass that Ba = mole that Ba x molar massive of Bamoles= 0.500 molemolar = 137.33 g/molMass is because of this = 0.500 mole x 137.33 g/mol = 68.67 grams the Ba
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