The total variety of protons and also neutrons in the cell core of one atom is recognized as itsMass Number and also is denoted through A.

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Protons and also neutrons are situated in the cell nucleus of one atom and contribute many to the mass that the elements as the massive of electron is negligible.So, facets of lower fixed numbers are lighter as contrasted to aspects having a greater mass number.


The facets Li and also Sn are metals and their fixed number is together follows:
ElementMass number
He and also H space non-metals.Lithium(Li) is a soft, silvery-white alkali metal, it is thelightest metaland thelightest heavy element. Atom Number is 3.Lithium ishighly reactiveandflame retardantand have to be consisted of in mineral oil.

Hence, Li is the lightest metal.

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It's offered in the manufacture ofaircraftand in certainbatteries. It's also used in psychological health: Lithium lead carbonate is a usual treatment the bipolar disorder, helping to stabilize wild mood swings led to by the illness.