The hybridization the NO3– is sp2 type. Students will certainly learn around how this hybridization occurs and all the steps connected in it. They will likewise learn about the molecular geometry and the bond angle of nitrate.

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Name the the MoleculeNitrate
Molecular FormulaNO3–
Hybridization Typesp2
Bond Angle120o
GeometryTrigonal Planar

What is the Hybridization of Nitrate?

The easiest way to determine the hybridization the nitrate is by illustration the Lewis structure. After illustration the diagram, we should count the variety of electron pairs and also the bonds present in the main nitrogen atom. In NO3– we have the right to see the the main atom is bonded with three oxygen atoms and also there are no lone pairs. If we inspect the Lewis structure more then one of the nitrogen-oxygen bonds is a double bond and two are single bonds.


During bonding, nitrogen’s three sp2 orbitals overlap v one s orbit of the oxygen atom. As for the p orbital of nitrogen, it forms a dual bond with three oxygen atoms where three pairs the electrons space shared in between the ns orbital of the nitrogen and also one ns orbital of every oxygen atoms. The oxygen atom will additionally have two p orbitals which will certainly accommodate lone pair that electrons.

Important Points to Remember

The central atom nitrogen is bonded with 3 oxygen atoms and there room no lone bag present.Nitrogen’s 3 sp2 orbitals overlap with one s orbit of the oxygen atom.The ns orbital that nitrogen develops a twin bond with three oxygen atoms.

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NO3– molecule Geometry and Bond Angles

In nitrate, over there is one central atom i beg your pardon is surrounded by 3 identically-bonded oxygen atom which lie at the corners of a triangle and also at the very same one-dimensional plane. In essence, nitrate has 3 electron domains and no lone pairs. Therefore, NO3– molecular geometry is contempt bent and also is trigonal planar. The bond edge is 120o.

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