Since region 1 is closer to the source, i presume it to be the hottest as complete combustion takes location there. Also, this is the part where the gas mixture(responsible for flame) reacts through oxygen first(as soon as valve is open). So, the reaction must take ar much much faster and much more heat should be released. Yet in my book, the price is given as region 2. Wherein am ns wrong?

I understand there exists as question comparable to this in our community : Bunsen burner and hottest part but the answers nothing answer my question.

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The inquiry itself is poorly written as given.

The diagram should have actually "regions" and also "points."


So what appears to be labeling "Region 2" and also "Region 4" I would name together "Point 2" and "Point 3" respectively.

So the innermost conical area would certainly be "Region 1", the following conical area would certainly be "Region 2" and also the 3rd conical area would certainly be "Region 3."

Region 1 is where the mostly unburned gas and also oxygen mixture space pushing above the lip that the Bunsen Burner. An ar 1 exists since the gas coming the end of the pipe is cool. If the air port is open and the gas circulation is also low then the gas will begin to burn under the tube and also you"ll get a "strike back" wherein the fire is either (1) blown out or (2) burns at the jet. If the gas flow is too good you can blow the burning an ar off call with the top tube. If you boost the gas circulation even more then you have the right to in fact blow the fire out.

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Region 2 would certainly be a reducing an ar within the flame. This region is hot and also burns the fuel and oxygen coming the end of the tube.

Region 3 would be a oxidizing region of the flame. Below oxygen indigenous "outside air" (oxygen i beg your pardon didn"t come increase the tube) is migrating into the fire to burn the excess fuel i m sorry is not bunt in an ar 2.

You"d usage the reducing and oxidizing regions once doing bead tests because that identification.

Point 2 would certainly be the hottest component of the flame as displayed by the composite image of a paperclip in the flame from the YouTube video.