The wonderful civilization of Disney is full of many well-loved horses. They regularly are complete of character and also trusty partner to their companions. This cherished Disney horse characters have been some of the best characters indigenous Disney movies.

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Here is the list of every notable Disney horse:

Disney horses List

Abu (Aladdin)


Though Abu is known for gift Aladdin’s faithful monkey, that is temporarily transformed right into a horse by the Genie. The Lipizzaner Stallion Abu was turned into is commonly used as a equine for royals. However, Genie opted because that a grander statement to impress Jasmine’s father.

The brief appearance the Aladdin’s steed was gone with the wonder snap of Genie’s fingers.

Achilles (The Hunchback that Notre Dame)


Phoebus rides Achilles, a crafty Thoroughbred, in the Hunchback the Notre Dame (1996) and also its sequel. Phoebus is a loyal and also brave steed that helps Achilles in numerous troublesome situations.

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Angus (Brave)


Angus, a striking Shire horse, is Merida’s faithful companion in the steed movie Brave. He share a strong bond v Merida and also is thought about her most trusted friend.

Freewheeling rides across the countryside v Angus lead Merida to the circle of stones that collection her upon she adventure.

Brave, favor his courageous princess, Angus dead Merida along the path of the magical and mysterious wisps of the woods.

Buck (Home ~ above the Range)


Sheriff Sam Brown’s Quarter equine Buck is an adventure-seeking, action-hungry horse that is just one of the main personalities from home on the Range.

With desires of fighting bandits v his ceiling hooves, Buck is a karate-chopping stallion of the range. After some sweet daydreams mid-tic tac toe, Buck tries to present off his moves to his canine friend v questionable skills.

Determined to record local riff-raff, Buck’s adventures through the sheriff, a regional bounty hunter, and other personalities lead him to strike out on his own to obtain the project done.

Bullseye (Toy Story 2 & 3)


Bullseye is Woody’s loyal, goofy and affectionate steed from the Toy Story movies. He is complete of emotion and has a personality that a puppy dog.

A stuffed caricature the a loyal Stock horse, Bullseye displayed the heart and also power of these wonderful horses throughout the entire Toy Story series. Once Woody needs his number one steed, Bullseye deserve to be counted on v thick and also thin.

Buttercup (Toy Story 3)

Though no strictly a horse, Buttercup is a white plush unicorn native Toy Story 3 and Toy Story 4. Through his pink love nostrils and golden horn, mane, and also tail, Buttercup is a young unicorn with a sarcastic and witty manner.Jeff Garlin plays Buttercup in Toy Story and also does a marvelous job bringing this Disney horse to life.

Captain (101 Dalmatians)

Captain is the surname of the grey horse in 101 Dalmations. Proving himself well, this Captain theatre a crucial role in rescuing the steal puppies.

His name, and also a british military equine blanket command viewers to the knowledge that he has experience in service.

Along v his fellow companions, Colonel the dog, and Sergeant Tibbs the cat, Captain is a valued allied in the fight against 101 Dalmatians movie villain, Cruella DeVille.

Cyril Proudbottom (The Adventures the Ichabod and also Mr.Toad)

Cyril Proudbottom is Mr. Toad’s trusty horse and companion in the Disney movie The Adventures that Ichabod and Mr. Toad (1949). Voiced by play O’Malley, Cyril is the steed in the Wind in the Willows segment that the movie.

The cart-horse crooner sings “We’re Merrily On ours Way” v Mr. Toad in his original movie debut. Cyril likewise has cameo roles in who Framed i get it Rabbit, Mickey’s Christmas Carol, and also an episode of Mickey Mouse.

A popular classic Disney horse, Cyril Proudbottom is likewise a Disney civilization horse featured in Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

Destiny (Enchanted)

Destiny is Prince Edward’s noble white steed who the rides when he charm Giselle in the movie Enchanted. In the animated and also live-action movie, Destiny is a gorgeous animated character.

Frou-Frou (The Aristocats)

Frou-Frou is madame Bonfamille’s equine in Disney’s The Aristocats. Long in the tooth, Frou-Froe has actually a sort demeanour and also a clear love for her patron and other pets around her.

She is a noble girlfriend to Duchess the cat and her kittens. Frou-Frou helps save the fair mother and her wee kitties native cat burglary Edgar.

Jaq and also Gus as horses (Cinderella)

The beautiful carriage equines from Cinderella, charged v pulling her magic pumpkin, aren’t equines at all.

The splendid matched pair is Cinderella’s mouse friends, including Jaq and Gus.Transformed right into beautiful white horses by her fairy godmother to traction Cinderella’s carriage to the ball, the mice space the finest horses because that the job.

Khan (Mulan)

Khan is the Mulan’s trusty steed in the Disney movie Mulan. The courageous stallion is a Ferghana steed breed, i m sorry is currently extinct.Khan is brave and constantly there for Mulan as soon as she needs him, transferring her into battle against the Huns.

Wild rides right into several precarious situations, consisting of an avalanche, room no problem for Khan. This horse has the love of a warrior and is the perfect horse for Mulan.

Kjekk (Frozen)

Kjekk is Anna’s steed in the Disney movie Frozen. That is a Norwegian Fjord steed breed and grew up through Anna. Kjekk and Anna ride with each other in a pursuit to uncover Elsa after ~ she to escape Arendelle.

Separated ~ a fall, Kjekk rushes back to Arendelle and leaves Anna alone in the snow. Perhaps not the ideal horse because that Anna to have actually when talk alone in the woods.

Major (Cinderella)

Major, the trusty steed of Cinderella’s farm yard is a jovial companion and admirer of Cinderella. Once it came time because that the Fairy Godmother to pick the ideal horse to pull her coach come the ball, major was turned into the coachman.

Maximus (Tangled)

Maximus is Rapunzel’s equine in the Disney movie Tangled. His debut on display as a palace horse for the royal Guard, Maximus is unwavering in his warm pursuit that Flynn Rider.

Wooed through Rapunzel in helping she on a quest, Maximus at some point joins Flynn to keep her for sure on her journey. Maximus is full of personality and also is very devoted to his job.

Maximus is considered by many to be the best Disney horse. Earning peak billing v his performance, he share the covering on Tangled with Rapunzel and Flynn.

Patrick (Home top top the Range)

Unlike Buck, Patrick is reserved, serious and also is rather a gullible horse from residence on the Range.

Pegasus (Hercules)

Pegasus is Hercules’s goofy and also loyal companion, that is constantly there because that Hercules as soon as he is in need.

The legend creature of the Disney Pegasus is a free-wheeling winged white horse.Raised from a foal by Hercules once he was a young boy, the relationship in between demigod and mythical horse was one of brotherly love.

Phillipe (Beauty and also the Beast)

Phillipe is a Belgian Draft horse that belongs to Belle in Beauty and also the Beast. During a frightful pilgrimage with Belle’s father into the woods, Phillipe is led under the course to the Beast’s castle.

Carrying Belle under the very same scary path, Phillipe helps her find her father that the Beast was holding together a prisoner.

Supreme vessel in going ago into the woods after ~ his first experience proves Phillipe’s obtained a fierce and loyal heart.A solid fan-favorite contender, fans take into consideration Phillipe a good Disney horse.

Samson (Sleeping Beauty)

Faithful and also spirited, Samson is Prince Philip’s trusty mount from sleeping Beauty. Samson is faithful horse and also has no trouble at all in transporting Phillip on the hunt of fawn and a fierce dragon.

It’s not every day a horse has actually to confront the wrath that a fire-breathing lizard. Samson’s incredible stamin is proven in the battle.

Sitron (Frozen)

Sitron is Hans’s horse in Disney’s Frozen. He appears with Hans is in Arendelle. Strong and handsome, Sitron is a Norwegian Fjord v a goofy personality.

He do the efforts to aid his master from falling into cold seawater however fails to follow through thanks to some distraction through the lovely Anna.

Snowball (Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Snowball is the fierce steed the the Hunchback the Notre Dame villain, Claude Frollo. Despite being called Snowball, that is a striking black Friesan.

Snowball’s unfortunate surname is a little of a lame joke. Seriously, this solid horse is a character who deserved a bit an ext than the writers gave him.

The Nokk (Frozen 2)

The Nokk is a majestic water horse with magical strength from Frozen 2. A wild element, there is a an excellent tussle between Elsa and also the Nokk together she tames him.

Elsa rides the Nokk throughout her adventures in Frozen 2 and his participation is integral in her initiative to conserve Arandelle.A beautiful and unique Disney horse, the Nokk is a wonderful new addition come the Disney equine list.

Carousel horses (Mary Poppins)

The initial carousel horses in mary Poppins execute not have names. However, the carousel at Disneyland has actually a horse specialized to mar Poppins named Jingles.

Imagination and Poppins-magic in the movie cause the equines jumping off of your carousel, enjoying a nation ride, and also finding us at the racetrack.

Mary’s violet carousel horse, through her prim sleep in the air, paris by the fill to the astonishment of the jockeys and also other racehorses.

Non-Disney man Horses

Some the the many loved animated equines don’t come from Disney. Below are some well-known horses indigenous animated movies that aren’t Disney.

Altivo (The road to El Dorado)

After chasing one apple that dropped off the his owner Herman Cortes’s ship, Altivo joins Miguel and Tulio on their adventures to uncover El Dorado.

Amalthea (The last Unicorn)

Amalthea, from The critical Unicorn, is a to mark white unicorn who goes on a trip to find and also save the rest of she species.

This ethereal and also whimsical personality is an exceptionally feminine unicorn portrayal.Little girls anywhere are delighted by the tale of Amalthea.

Donkey (Shrek)


Donkey is Shrek’s goofy ideal friend transparent the Shrek movies. In Shrek 2, cheat is temporary transformed into a horse.

As happy together he to be to be a timeless “noble steed” the transformation was quite brief, and Donkey was ago to his normal self in a blink.Regardless that which type he took, cheat is one endearing and loyal hooved companion to Shrek.

Rain (Spirit: Stallion the the Cimarron)


Rain is a beautiful paint mare, own by small Creek. She was later on freed to be through her mate, Spirit. Helping Spirit recognize that the Lakota Indians room kind, Rain’s accuse is a peaceful aid for Spirit.

Spirit (Spirit: Stallion that the Cimarron)


Spirit is an inspiring dun buckskin colored Kiger Mustang indigenous the animated film Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. Captured by the U.S. Calvary soul was later on freed by his person friend little Creek.

Wild and also free, spirit struggles v his experiences in taming by the men. Yearning because that the hills and also his herd, spirit is a solid horse with solid character.

Disney steed Questions

What is the horse in Toy Story called?

The main horse in Toy Story is dubbed Bullseye. Bullseye is Woody’s equine and an initial makes an illustration Toy Story 2 and also is additionally in Toy Story 3 and also Toy Story 4.

Is over there a unicorn in a Disney movie?

Yes. Disney’s Toy Story 3 has actually a plush toy unicorn called Buttercup. Also, the movies Fantasia (2000) and also Fantasia (1942) also featured unnamed unicorn characters.

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Are there any type of Disney equines in real life?

Yes! You deserve to see them with the princesses, animals, and other personalities throughout Disney World, Disneyland, and also Disney Parks around the world. The Tri one D Ranch at ft Wilderness in the Disney civilization Resort offers visitors the possibility to gain trail, wagon, pony and also carriage rides.