Bargeld is a native which you"ll hear a lot in Germany - and use much more than in numerous other european countries.

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Bargeld is the German word for cash. It is consisted of of Geldscheinen (bank notes) and also Münzen (coins) and also is tho the many popular technique of payment in Germany.

Whereas other countries like Sweden space close to coming to be cashless societies, Germans room sticking with the timeless forms of money.

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Bargeld is a link noun created from Bar (cash) and also Geld (money), for this reason literally method “cash money”. Often, simply the native bar is used.

The German idiom Bargeld lacht, (literally “Cash laughs”) amounts to the English “Cash is king”.


Normalerweise zahle ich bar aber heute zahle ich mit Karte.

Normally ns pay in cash but today i’m paying by card.

Bargeld besteht in Banknoten und Münzen.

Hard money consist of of financial institution notes and coins.

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