CAS No. 592-01-8 chemistry Name: CALCIUM CYANIDE Synonyms calcid;ca(cn)2;calcyan;cyanogas;calcyanide;Ca(CN)2.NaCl;caswellno142;Calciumcyanid;CALCIUM CYANIDE;cyanideofcalcium CBNumber: CB8105338 molecule Formula: C2CaN2 Formula Weight: 92.11 MOL File: 592-01-8.mol

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melt point: 640 estimated density 1.8 g/cm3 form white rhombohedral crystals Water Solubility dissolve H2O, progressively releasing HCN Exposure boundaries TLV-TWA (measured as CN) skin 5 mg(CN)/ m3 (ACGIH); 5 mg(CN)/m3/10-min ceiling (NIOSH). EWG"s Food Scores 2 FDA UNII 07DFJ2NTDD EPA problem Registry mechanism Calcium cyanide (592-01-8)

CALCIUM CYANIDE chemistry Properties,Uses,Production


Calcium cyanide is used greatly for the exploit or cyanidation that gold and also silver ores. That isalso supplied in the production of prussiates or ferrocyanides, in the froth flotation of minerals,in procedures where yellow complexes are adsorbed top top carbon, in the produce of stainlesssteel, together a fumigant and also rodenticide, and as a cement stabiliser. The key users that cyanidesare the steel, electroplating, mining, and chemical industries. The primary cyanide compoundsused in commercial operations are potassium and also sodium cyanide and also calcium cyanide,particularly in metal leaching operations. Cyanides have been well established in usesas insecticides and also fumigants; in the exploit of gold and also silver ores; in metal cleaning; in the to produce of fabricated fibres, miscellaneous plastics, dyes, pigments, and also nylon; and also asreagents in analysis chemistry. Calcium cyanide decomposes ~ above heating over 350°C,producing toxic fumes including nitrogen oxides and also HCN. It reaction violently through water,moist air, carbon dioxide, acids, and also acid salts developing highly toxic and flammable HCN.It reaction violently once heated with oxidising substances resulting in fire and explosion hazard.

Chemical Properties

Calcium cyanide is a white crystalline heavy orpowder. Smell of hydrogen cyanide.


Calcium cyanide is offered for the extraction of gold and also silver from their ores, in the froth flotation that minerals, together a fumigant, and as a rodenticide.


Fumigant; rodenticide; in stainless-steel manufacture; in leaching ores of valuable metals; stabilizer because that cement.

Production Methods

Calcium cyanide is do commercially indigenous lime, calciumoxide, coke, and also nitrogen. The reaction are brought out in anelectric furnace. The resulting melt is cooled rapidly toprevent reversion come calcium cyanamide. The product ismarketed in the kind of flakes, which are dark gray becauseof the existence of carbon. The exploit or cyanidation ofprecious-metal ores to be the an initial and is tho the largest use forcalcium cyanide.

General Description

White crystals or powder or gray-black powder (technical grade). Toxicity by skin absorption through open up wounds, by ingestion, and also by inhalation.

Air & Water Reactions

Water soluble with development of part hydrogen cyanide, a flammable toxicity gas. Release of gas is much much more rapid if acid is present.

Reactivity Profile

CALCIUM CYANIDE offers weakly acidic solutions. Contact with acids causes rapid advancement of hydrogen cyanide. Incompatible through isocyanates, nitrides, and peroxides. Might react promptly with oxidizing agents.


toxicity by ingestion and also skin absorption.

Health Hazard

Calcium cyanide is a very poisonous compound to humans, animals, and also fish. The toxic routes are ingestion, skin contact, and also inhalation of the dust. It develops HCN readily once it reacts with CO2 or water. This makes it extremely hazardous, more so than the alkalimetal cyanides, although the LD50 value of Ca(CN)2 is higher than the salt or potassium cyanides. LD50 value, dental (rats): 39 mg/kg.

Health Hazard

Inhalation or ingestion reasons headache, nausea, vomiting and weakness; high concentration are rapidly fatal.

Fire Hazard

Special risks of burning Products: Decomposes in fire to give an extremely toxic gases, consisting of hydrogen cyanide.

Safety Profile

A deadly poison by ingestion and also probably other routes. As soon as heated to decomposition that emits toxicity fumes that NO, and also CN-. See additionally CALCIUM COMPOUNDS and CYANIDE

Potential Exposure

Calcium cyanide is supplied as a fumigant; together a rodenticide; in leaching precious steel ores; inthe to produce of stainless steel; and also as a stabilizer forcement. Provided as raw material for manufacturing of nitrogenouscompounds and also in treatment of alcoholism


Calcium cyanide is save on computer in chop containers cost-free from moisture. Appropriate ventilation and also protective devices should be provided while handling the heavy or while preparing an aqueous solution. That is shipped in mild-steel or fiber drums.


UN1575 Calcium cyanide, peril Class: 6.1;Labels: 6.1-Poisonous materials


call with water, acids, acidic salts;moist air, or carbon dioxide, creates highly toxic and also flammablehydrogen cyanide. Incompatible through fluorine, magnesium.Reacts violently once heated with nitrites, nitrates, chlorates,and perchlorates. Calcium cyanide decomposes in high heatforming hydrogen cyanide and nitrous oxides fumes

Waste Disposal

add cyanide waste come strongalkaline salt hypochlorite.

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Let stand 24 hours then flushto sewage plant.

CALCIUM CYANIDE ready Products and also Raw materials

Raw materials