1. What space Nuc, Flag, ER, Mito, Chlora, Golgi, Ves and Lys quick for? What does each of these

organelles perform in a cell?

Answer: Nuc is brief for nucleus; the attributes for a nucleus is information storage, transmission, ribosome subunit assembly, and structural support. Flag stands for flagella; the flagella is a tail-like piece of the cell that allows it come swim v liquid. ER stands for endoplasmic reticulum; the endoplasmic reticulum is used for protein synthesis and also processing. Mito is brief for mitochondrion; the mitochondrion is in fee of making energy (ATP production).

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Golgi is brief for golgi apparatus; golgi walk the protein, lipid, and also carbohydrate processing.

Ves is brief for vesicle; the vesicle’s role is to save things. Finally, Lys is quick for lysosomes; a lysosome is provided to break up food in the cell.

2. What is the autogenic hypothesis of the beginning of the eukaryotic bio cell?

Answer: The autogenic hypothesis is the a prokaryotes cell slowly however surely progressed on it’s own to the eukaryotic cell.

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3. What is the evidence that support the autogenic hypothesis?

Answer: The proof that support the autogenic hypothesis is that deliver of DNA occurs in between bacteria species.

4. What is the endosymbiotic hypothesis?

Answer: The endosymbiotic theory is that a prokaryotes cell “ate” smaller organelles which evolved into what they space today.

5. What is the proof for the endosymbiotic hypothesis?

Answer: The proof that support this is since mitochondrion and also chloroplast both have actually a “brother” cell; the cell are incredibly alike. The “brother” cell is a prokaryotic cell.

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6. What space the to compare strengths and also weaknesses that the two hypotheses?

Answer: The comparative strengths and weaknesses the the two hypotheses are that there are ways that we might reenact the cell eating the other tiny prokaryotic.

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