Philosophy and psychology room two areas of research with a usual place in history. Psychology arises out of philosophy.

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It developed in bespeak to incorporate the empirical method when evaluating questions make by philosophy. Therefore, viewpoint has carried various object of study to the ar of psychology, choose sensation, perception, intelligence, and also memory.

In contrast, the options that each ar gives room different. Although they share topics of study, castle have different points that view. Also using the exact same theories, philosophy and also psychology often do not pertained to the exact same conclusions. Therefore, the professionals in each ar sometimes watch themselves as opponents.

Psychology and philosophy

The indigenous “psychology” comes from the Greek indigenous “psyche” and also “logos”. Respectively, these median “soul” and “study”. Therefore, psychology means the study of the soul. In a an easy way, we might say the psychology is the scientific research responsible because that the research of the human mind and also behavior.

It aims to explain what wake up in ours “black box” and also how these events influence our means of acting, considering the stimuli we obtain too. Psychology additionally aspires to understand how world receive and also interpret details that involves them with their senses.

Now, the ax philosophy comes from the Greek words “philo” and “sophia” which typical “love the wisdom”. The objective of ideology is to solve problems that take place in reality.

It focuses on the research of a selection of perhaps an ext transcendent problems. They include existence, knowledge, truth, morals, beauty, the mind, and language. It usually performs its study in a non-empirical way. It can be through conceptual analysis, mental experiments, speculation, or various other a priori methods. 

Similarities between philosophy and psychology

Psychology counts on ideology for numerous reasons. First of all, philosophy provides psychology a general vision of gift human. This is the basis for a great part of mental theories. The inverse partnership is likewise true. Philosophy sometimes uses clinical methodology to attain its objectives. Both re-publishing theories and also objects that studies.

Another similarity is that philosophy has contributed some topics to psychology. Some instances are sensation, perception, intelligence, memory, and also will. As we said, both share objects the study, although their ways of researching them and also the answer they provide differ.

On the various other hand, philosophy fits into psychology in 2 ways. One, v the family member hypotheses: the mind and also proper methods of examining it. Two, v the general values underlying scientific research.

Differences between philosophy and also psychology

Although both disciplines examine the behaviors of people, they carry out differ. Some distinctions are in their methodologies, purposes, and whether or not they take it morality right into account.

Regarding the method, philosophy works with conceptual categories and also the relationships that exist between them. Therefore, it is open up to any method.

Psychology, top top the other hand, relies on the empirical and also statistical. It offers quantitative and also qualitative research. It focuses on experiments and the empirical test of hypotheses. Experiments are a means to understand our behavior and validate the tools, such as therapies, us have.

Regarding the finish goals of each field, philosophy has an ext intellectual objectives while psychology focuses on therapy and intervention. ideology creates philosophical systems or category that serve to define reality. Psychology, rather of examining a whole like philosophy, looks for to isolate individual variables of person behavior.

Therefore, mental theories think about our biology. One example is the research of our mind chemistry. Furthermore, psychology considers separation, personal, instance differences. After ~ all, nobody imitates the behavior of another person exactly, even in the very same circumstances.


On the other hand, psychology go not enter into this debate. Return psychology has proposed scales of ethics and morality, its objective is no to examine what is moral and also what is not, however rather what different morals exist.

Philosophy and psychology examine humans and also their behaviors.

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They have similarities and differences, also interpreting the same things differently. Thus, the method that each one provides will problem the answers the gives. Also so, they do share some theories and results.