The two most important branches the Protestantism, Methodist and Baptist were developed with the concept to defend their followers. The distinctions of opinion in the id system and practices resulted in the climb of these two branches.

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The two significant belief systems referred to as the Methodist and also Baptist existed for a long time on Earth. Much more importantly, lock both are the most prominent branches of Protestantism. Their belief in God and the bible is unshakeable. They truly to trust Jesus Christ and also his teachings too.Though castle belong to Protestantism, they are not comparable in their belief systems. Of course, some elements intercept, but an essential differences are means too different from one another.

Methodist vs Baptist

The difference between Methodist and Baptist is the Methodist has actually the belief of baptizing every while the Baptists believe in baptizing just the confessing adults. An ext importantly, Methodist think baptism is important for salvation when the Baptists carry out not. Methodists being an ext liberal however the Baptists are strict in your rituals.


Parameter of ComparisonMethodistBaptistBaptism BeliefMethodist believe in Baptism come all, irrespective of the age.Baptist believes in performing Baptism just to grown-up, mature adults that shall confess.Infant BaptismThey do Baptism come Infants.No, They carry out not.Baptism ritual PracticeImmersion, Sprinkling and also Pouring.Only ImmersionGovernanceCongregations are connected to one another, Pastors space appointed through Bishops.They are self -governing and the Pastors room appointed through the Churches.Faith and also Belief SystemMore liberal and less FundamentalThey are strict fundamentalists.

Methodist is among the significant denominations that Protestantism. The was established by man Wesley, George Whitefield and Charles Wesley. Methodism was developed in the 18th Century AD. This denomination became separate ~ Jon Wesley’s death.The confidence system the Methodist is an ext or less comparable to plenty of denominations of Christianity. Details doctrines may differ indigenous the others as well. Methodist strongly believe in God, the Bible and also Jesus Christ. Lock even take into consideration Jesus Christ together the saviour the Humanity.

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Methodists have actually their methods in Church and much more importantly, they room liberals and not strict fundamentalists. The baptism in Methodist Church is open up to all. That means to say, Baptism is done to every irrespective of their age. The infants, youth and also adults, anyone have the right to be baptized. Baptism is carry out by immersion, sprinkling as well as pouring. They have actually open communion.Their administration is also structured. The Episcopal organization has actually Bishops. The Bishops have actually the authority to choose the Pastors after ~ a discussion with the congregation. The congregations space connected. Pastors are not limited to Gender. They have the right to be a male or a mrs too.