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Bigamy and Polygamous Marriages: What’s the difference?

Bigamy is the offence of marrying who whilst already being married to someone else. Polygamy is the exercise of having more than one mam at a time. In some Islamic nations such together the united Arab Emirates and also Saudi Arabia, the is permitted for a male to take an ext than one wife. In England, the is a criminal offence to obtain married because that a second time, there is no dissolving the first marriage. Cultural differences, and differing legislations from one country to the next, deserve to make polygamy a confuse issue. You might be unsure if your 2nd marriage is allowed, specifically if you were married in one Islamic country, yet now live in a nation where polygamy is no permitted.

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When will a Polygamous marriage be valid?

Where a polygamous marriage takes place exterior the UK in a nation where such marriages are permitted, and if no party is domiciled in the UK, the polygamous marital relationship will recognised under English law.

However, a polygamous marital relationship which has actually taken place in the UK, will certainly not it is in recognised. A polygamous marriage will likewise not be recognised together legally valid, wherein there has actually been a spiritual ceremony however no accompanying polite ceremony. If a 2nd legal marital relationship takes location in England, there is no the an initial marriage being dissolved, this is bigamy. Bigamy is a crime under English law, punishable by imprisonment. Many civilization assume that their marriage will instantly be liquified after a duration of separation. This is not the case. To lug an end to a marriage legally, girlfriend must use for a divorce, yet long you have been separated.

Divorce after a Polygamous Marriage

Where over there is a perhaps polygamous marriage, or a polygamous marriage carried out abroad wherein neither party is domiciled in the UK, you may be entitled to divorce or annulment under English law.

Firstly, you will need to examine whether the English courts have actually jurisdiction for your divorce or annulment proceedings. If you room entitled to divorce or annulment with the English courts, then this method that the English court can also deal with department of your finances top top divorce. If girlfriend think this is something which may influence you, please read our guide to the potential financial claims available. If your husband has actually committed bigamy, financial claims may quiet be available to you.

Divorce where marital relationship is not legally recognised

In part situations, Islamic marital relationships in England room not recognised uneven registered. Whilst you will be able to have a religious divorce, you will not be entitled to a legitimate divorce in England and Wales. This means that the legislation will act you as a separating unmarried pair . However, there room a variety of remedies which you deserve to seek in respect the both finances and also child arrangements together an unmarried couple.

If you own property v your spouse, you may have the ability to make an application under the Trusts the Land and also Appointment of Trustees action 1996. You can use for this relief even if the building is in her spouse’s single name. The court is able come decide problems such as whether the property must be sold, and if so, what portion of the proceeds must go to each party.

You might be may be to apply for gaue won provision because that your children under Schedule 1 of the children Act 1989. Son maintenance is mostly governed by the boy Maintenance Service, yet under Schedule 1 you may have the ability to make an applications for additional financial provision. This provision may be ‘top-up’ maintenance, school fees orders, or provision of a residence for the youngsters until they reach 18.

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Speak to among our specialist international family lawyers if girlfriend have any questions or concerns about a polygamous marriage. We will provide you totally free initial advice top top the telephone to summarise your rights and entitlement.

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