Main distinction – level vs Plateau

Plains and also plateaus room both flat locations of land; the main difference between plain and plateau lies in your elevation. A plateau is a level land that is elevated significantly above the ground whereas plain is a flat, low-lying area. Let us talk about the difference in between plain and plateau more in this article.

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What is a Plain

A plain is a flat, low-lying area. Lock are one of the significant landforms on earth and they cover an ext than one-third that the earth’s land area. Plains have the right to be discovered in lowlands, at the bottom the valleys, and on peak of plateaus. Plains have the right to be formed by countless different methods such as erosion, the motion of rivers, volcanic activity, etc. The great Plains in phibìc America, Tabasco plain in Mexico, plains of Sichuan in China room some instances of plains. The is worthy to keep in mind that many pains, like great Plains in north America, room grasslands. Plains have the right to be classified into several species based on their structures and also formations. Given listed below are several of these classifications.

Coastal plain is one area the flat, low-lying land nearby to a seacoast.

Alluvial plain is a plain created over a long period of time through a river depositing sediment ~ above its overwhelming plain.

Floodplain is a flat area beside a stream or river that is topic to flooding.

Plains pat a major role in agriculture because levels where the soils to be deposited as sediments may be deep and fertile, and also the flatness of the land facilitates mechanization of chop production. Grasslands provide good grazing for livestock.


What is a Plateau

A plateau is a level land the is raised significantly above the ground. Plateaus are also known together high plains, tablelands or flat-topped mountains. It different from a mountain as a mountain’s height is peaked or jagged. Plateaus, as defined above, have flat tops. A plateau can be created by a number of processes; they have the right to be formed when a big segment of planet is thrust up indigenous the earth as result of volcanic activities or when the height of hills are worn down by erosion.

The Tibetan Plateau is the largest and the highest possible plateau ~ above earth. As soon as a plateau is very high in altitude, it has actually a very cold and bleak climate, your living problems are for this reason harsh. Plateaus at lower elevations offer much more positive living conditions.

Some plateaus on earth are therefore high in altitude that their climate is really harsh, and living problems are bleak. Tibetan Plateau is the highest and also the largest plateau in the world. Plateaus at lower elevations offer more favorable living conditions. The grasslands in plateaus are supplied for grazing animals.

Plateaus have the right to be classified right into various types according to your formation and surroundings. Given listed below are some classifications and also examples.

Intermontane plateaus – bordered by hills on every sides.

Ex: Altiplano in the Andes, the Tibetan plateau

Continental plateaus – bordered on all sides by the sea or plains

Piedmont plateaus – bordered on one next by the levels or sea and on the other side by mountains.

Volcanic plateaus – produced by volcano activity


Difference in between Plain and also Plateau


Plain is one un-raised level area.

Plateau is a increased area of land with a level top.


A plateau rises abruptly native the surrounding area.

The steep of the plain is gradual and not abrupt.

Living Conditions

Plains generally have favorable living conditions and have countless uses.

Plateaus offer harsh and also bleak life conditions.

Alternative names

Plain is called lowlands.

Plateau is dubbed high plains, tabletops or flat-topped mountains.


The soil in a plain is generally fertile and also supports agriculture.

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The climate at the peak of the plateau might not be supportive in the direction of agriculture.


Image Courtesy:

Carizzo level spring flower in bloom 7″ through Alan Vernon – Flickr: Carizzo level spring flowers in bloom……7. (CC by 2.0) via Wikimedia Commons 

“Narrow Neck Plateau in the rain” by Poyt448 Peter Woodard – very own work. (CC0) via Commons