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Tips to preventing Altitude Sickness

While we space still enjoying all the pleasures the come through winter, minus the shoveling, us can’t aid but daydream around the upcoming summer months. An excellent winters bring amazing summers below in the Sierra’s. But, before we dust off those kayaks and also tune ours bikes, we want to share part tips in prepping for your high-altitude summer vacation. Researches have presented that twenty-percent of travellers visiting altitude over 5,500 ft. Will endure some kind of altitude sickness. Although mostly mild symptoms, nobody desires to miss out on out on the organic beauty of Lake Tahoe. Provide Yourself Time come AcclimateAlthough some room able come hit the trails upon arrival, us recommend tourists to allow their bodies to acclimate to the high altitude prior to activities. If she not used to the altitude, take your time, enjoy some the our local restaurants and also shops prior to joining united state out top top the so late or on the trail. Remain Hydrated This is one of our height priorities once taking guests the end on tours. This tip must be applied for your entire vacation and especially before, during, and after any physical activity. Additionally remember that coffee and alcoholic drinks can influence people in different ways at higher altitudes. So when enjoying a cold one through dinner, remember to monitor up through plenty that water before heading turn off to bed. Indulge YourselfNext to continuing to be hydrated, eating right is always important. As lot as some shot to ignore it, complicated carbohydrates are specifically what your body needs. Apologies come Dr. Atkins, yet when acquisition up high altitude activities, your body is begging for some complicated carbohydrates like whole grains, fruits and also veggies. These types of foods assist your body to usage oxygen much more efficiently and maintain energy levels, both important for avoiding altitude sickness. Through this said, it’s crucial to recognize that altitude sickness deserve to strike also the healthiest of athletes. Return often really mild, don’t ignore the symptoms and also seek clinical attention if symptom worsen.

Tahoe Adventure Company

Tahoe Adventure Company leads high high quality adventure take trip trips and also tours v a emphasis on enduring the herbal beauty that the bordering mountains, trails and brilliant waters of Lake Tahoe. Our goal is to market the greatest quality, many enlightening adventure tourism in the Lake Tahoe area. Our knowledgeable, safe, and friendly guides offer impressive service and also strive to help create a memorable adventure for her group. Even if it is you decision on Kayaking Lake Tahoe, mountain Biking or Hiking neighborhood trails, our countless adventure activities allow united state to share v you a side of Lake Tahoe few people ever before experience.

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Located 3-4 hrs northeast that the only Area, lying at 6,229 ft., surrounded by peaks upward of 10,881 ft. And bisected by the California and Nevada state lines, Lake Tahoe is truly one of the jewels of the Sierra Nevada.