Depending on that you ask, tradies and DIYers alike have strong opinions ~ above the requirement of PVC primer. Some swear by it and slather it liberally on their PVC pipeline joints, if others insurance claim that you can make strong, sturdy connections also without primer. So, which is it? Is the really vital step, and also can you substitute something cheaper?

The short answer: while no all applications call for PVC primer, making use of one will certainly definitely help ensure your pipe joints room sturdy and also leak-free. Major building authorities in Australia all agree the PVC inside wall (also well-known as priming fluid) must be provided when authorized PVC pipes v solvent cement. The usage of a primer is required under AS/NZS 3500 Plumbing and drainage standards whenever PVC solvent is used to join PVC-U and also PVC-M pipe.

Whether you’re doing a pipes job that needs inspection or you’re simply doing a DIY project roughly the house, utilizing a PVC primer prevents premature failure of the joint. 

However, simply like any type of industrial product, PVC primers have the right to be tricky and ultimately unforgiving. If you nothing know how to apply PVC primer correctly, mistakes and accidents can it is in irreversible, resulting in frustrating clean-up or needing to replace sections of pipe. Applying PVC primer correctly requires timing, method and a bit of know-how. 

Luckily, friend don’t need to spend numerous dollars getting a experienced to sign up with PVC pipe. This guide will tell you exactly why PVC primers are important to produce airtight joins and, an ext importantly, exactly how to usage it effectively. 

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What is PVC Primer?What can I use rather of PVC primer?Related Questions

What is PVC Primer?

PVC inside wall is a substance typically applied to the share connections between PVC pipes. What makes PVC inside wall so reliable is that once applied, that sets turn off a chemical reaction that softens the PVC pipe, do it ready for the PVC cement. PVC joints space not specifically “glued” together therefore – the two civicpride-kusatsu.netponents are bonded together through a change in their chemical civicpride-kusatsu.netposition. The softer the pipe is (thanks civicpride-kusatsu.nete the primer) the better the joints will certainly be cemented.

What’s the difference in between PVC Primer and PVC Cleaner?

Since PVC primer have the right to act as a cleaner, that is sometimes perplexed with PVC cleaner. However, it’s essential to differentiate them. 

PVC cleaner is supplied to remove oil, grease, and also other dirty substances indigenous the outer layer of PVC pipes. However, the cannot do what a primer can do, i beg your pardon is softening the pipe and preparing it for a for sure connection. If you use a PVC cleaner top top the joints, you will still need to use PVC primer on them afterwards.

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What’s the difference between PVC primer and PVC cement?

PVC inside wall can also be confused with PVC cement. Castle are also two different materials, however for best results, they need to be used together.

To put it in simple terms, the priming liquid sets up the PVC cement to do its task properly. The primer acts together a cleaner, removed grime together a PVC cleaner does, and also it additionally softens the surface ar that the is used on. 

PVC pipes are joined together with a readjust in your chemical civicpride-kusatsu.netposition. It is the solvent cement that does this, effectively making the two parts inseparable. The softening of the PVC surface as a an outcivicpride-kusatsu.nete of the inside wall application provides this bond much stronger. 

What is PVC inside wall made of?

PVC primer is a substance made greatly from two key chemical civicpride-kusatsu.netponents: acetone and cyclohexanone. The chemicals tetrahydrofuran and also methyl ethyl ketone, amongst others, space also included to part products, relying on the brand.



What kinds of PVC primer are there?

PVC primer is normally clear in colour, however the most usual variants are coloured – civicpride-kusatsu.netmonly in violet or red. There space a couple of reasons because that this: it renders it straightforward to tell where you’ve used PVC primer, and it’s simpler for a building inspector civicpride-kusatsu.nete tell if PVC primer has actually been used. In parts of the human being where the mandated, failing to use PVC primer way your plumbing work will not pass standards. 

In Australia and brand-new Zealand, it’s civicpride-kusatsu.netponent of the Plumbing and also drainage requirements that priming liquid be used, and also that the PVC primer is red. 

Is PVC Primer necessary for PVC Pipes?

Is PVC primer important a necessity when it civicpride-kusatsu.netes to creating a strong PVC joint? Or is it just an unnecessary product acquisition that benefits just the manufacturers? once you take it a look at at any type of plumbing forum, there room plenty the contributors who say they never ever use PVC primer and don’t watch a need for it. 

The fact is that while you may be able to create sturdy joints without using PVC primer, the is still crucial civicpride-kusatsu.netponent in maximizing the strength and longevity that the joint connection. A joint will certainly still weld together without the primer, yet the link will no be as strong as the primer enables the cement chin to pass through deeper into the material.

The fact is that it deserve to be hard to tell even if it is PVC primer has actually an impact or not. However, failing to usage PVC primer can lead to premature difficulties with the plumbing joint, even if that issue happens 5 or 10 years under the line. An especially if the occupational isn’t done by the homeowner, the contractor responsible could not even be aware of the after-effects – but taking a few minutes to use PVC primer has actually a genuine impact on just how long the joint will last. 

Therefore it is recivicpride-kusatsu.netmended (and in some areas, it is mandated through law) to usage PVC primer, specifically if you have actually liquids passing v the pipe.



How do I correctly apply PVC Primer?

First the all, PVC primer and also PVC cement have really intense fumes. Ensure she wearing a suitable mask and also that the area is properly ventilated. 

To join PVC making use of priming fluid and solvent cement:

Apply PVC primer on the fitting socket and also to the finish of the PVC pipe. You deserve to use the brush that is contained inside the inside wall can, or wipe the primer on if it no civicpride-kusatsu.nete with a brush. Wait precisely 10 seconds (and no more or less than that!) and also then immediately apply the cement directly on the primed areas of the pipes.You deserve to now insert the pipeline fittings and also let it collection – though of course when using solvent cement, you’ll have to work quickly!You will need to have the two ends the the pipes held together for around 30 seconds, or till the plastic hardens. It will take about another 15 minutes because that the share to civicpride-kusatsu.netpletely harden wherein it can withstand water push and around 2 hrs for it to civicpride-kusatsu.netpletely cure. 

Overall, allow about 3 hours when authorized PVC pipes with primer/cement.

What if I have actually leftover primer? 

It is essential to note that shelf life is based upon when the product is stored on the shelf, quiet unused; and it is based upon the manufacturing date, not the date it is used. So for PVC primer, the usual 3-year expiration clock beginning ticking the minute it is sealed and also packaged in the factory.

Again, favor most assets in the industry today, the means PVC primer is stored, opened, and also used likewise can contribute to just how long the product will remain usable. This is, thankfully, fine within her control and also there are plenty of steps you have the right to take civicpride-kusatsu.nete ensure the the product will certainly last as lengthy as that can. 

Here are some tips:

The very first consideration is wherein the PVC inside wall is stored. It should be save in a cool, dry location ranging native 5 to 37 degrees Celsius. The product will experience chemical alters which will certainly render that less effective if the is save on civicpride-kusatsu.netputer in places above or below that temperature range.Next, due to the fact that a product’s shelf life is instantly diminished the minute it is opened up for the an initial time, and it proceeds to shorten every time that is opened, treatment must be taken to make certain it is fine sealed once not in use. Since PVC primer’s solvents easily evaporate, make sure you promptly close the can as quickly as you get what you should use because that the moment. This is to also ensure the there space no difficult-to-remove spills – more on the later!Lastly, after ~ you have actually finished using PVC primer and are all set to keep it, make sure the cap is sealed on chop to avoid further evaporation from its solvents. However, execute not overdo it to the suggest that the lid i do not care distorted (such as applying too much pressure on the lid v pliers). The lid can be distorted to the allude that an airtight seal will becivicpride-kusatsu.nete impossible.



How perform I remove stains if PVC inside wall spills?

Nobody is perfect, and even the most cautious of individuals can’t aid spilling miscellaneous here and there. Much more frustrating still is finding a PVC inside wall stain left behind by the plumber or neighbour who resolved your pipes, however was not thoughtful sufficient to clean it up afterwards. 

As soon as a priming liquid spill occurs or is discovered, friend should attend to it as shortly as possible. The much longer the primer stays and is permitted to solidify, the more civicpride-kusatsu.netplicated it i do not care to remove.

While the solvents in PVC primer evaporate before far-ranging damage is done, the product is designed to melt plastic and also therefore have the right to permanently transform the surface ar it pour out on if it’s also made indigenous plastic. If the PVC inside wall is that the coloured variety, climate the dye i do not care very challenging to remove, unfortunately.

The best way to prevent irreversible stains or damages from spills is to protect the basic area where you space doing your priming work. This should help protect your home and save you the problem of cleaning up afterwards.

If crashes do happen, right here is what you can do if you spill PVC primer:

You must moisten a cotton ball or swab through either clean PVC inside wall or PVC cleaner and very gently pat the area, remove a small amount that the spill’s dye v each dab. Repeat the procedure with a new ball or swab until obtain as lot of the stain out of the surface ar as possible. If you to be lucky sufficient to capture the pour out early, girlfriend may have a opportunity of remove the colour entirely.Alternately, you deserve to also try using acetone, such together a pond polish remover the is acetone-based. You have the right to also shot using methyl ethyl ketone, i beg your pardon is likewise readily available. You might remember from earlier in this article that these two solvents space the key ingredients in PVC primer, so usage them just as carefully.You can also try using repaint thinner to tackle the stains, since it walk not influence plastics. If nobody of the over are available, you have the right to turn baking soda and also water into a paste, then scrub the stain making use of the unstable side the a sponge. If you capture the spill early on enough, it might do the trick. 

What deserve to I use rather of PVC primer?

Depending ~ above the materials you are using, it could be far better to use an alternative product. You also may be wondering what rather you deserve to use to the project of priming liquid in a pinch. Review on civicpride-kusatsu.nete learn much more about your finest options.

PVC primer Alternatives

Although this may go without saying, the bond created by PVC primer and cement room permanent. If that is no your goal and the structure you are structure is only for short-term use, then PVC primer and also PVC cement will certainly not it is in needed, and in fact will it is in counterproductive.

Secondly, PVC primer (and cement) room only provided for slip connections – the type of connections where you press the pipe together to connect. If you space working through threaded connections, climate these jobs call for a different collection of adhesive aids: object seal tape (casually described as Teflon tape) and also thread sealant (also well-known as pipeline dope).

Threaded seal tape and also pipe dope nothing only work-related with PVC pipes, – they’re reliable with countless different varieties of pipes, such together metal. When there’s a threaded connection involved, subject tape and also sealant room superior solutions. 

Can I usage acetone together a PVC primer?

Some plumbers, hoping to take it a much more affordable route, argue the acetone have the right to be supplied as an different to PVC primer. Acetone is just one of the main ingredients in priming fluid, ~ all. 

So, will acetone carry out the same task as the PVC primer? Well, correct it have the right to be moderately efficient in cleaning and also softening the pipe, readying it because that the PVC cement. However, for simply a minor difference in price, why not make certain you accivicpride-kusatsu.netplish the finest bond you probably can? PVC inside wall is a product made specifically for this task. 

 Besides, as mentioned currently several times, PVC primer use is mandated in part areas, and also the assessors will look because that the coloured dye that gives proof of its use. Acetone isn’t recivicpride-kusatsu.netmended by any kind of industry human body or Australian standard, and also won’t happen muster if your pipework is gift inspected.

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Related Questions

Does PVC primer walk bad?

Yes, like most plumbing assets on the industry today, PVC priming liquid (as well as solvent cement and cleaners) do have actually an expiration date. These days indicate when the product will be at its most effective, and also for PVC inside wall it is usually about 3 years. This is calculated from the date of manufacture and also not native the day you open up it, therefore it’s finest not to leave it top top the shelf for too long, even if the bottle is unopened. 

What to do if you pour out PVC primer?

PVC primer, particularly the dyed variety, deserve to accidentally drip top top the floor or an additional surface and leave a stain that’s challenging to remove. Brief of sanding the area, the only means these stains have the right to be eliminated is if girlfriend gently apply other likewise strong solvents ~ above it. Describe the article above to see precise steps you deserve to take need to you accidentally spill PVC primer.


This write-up is released for general informational functions only and does no constitute expert advice. Any action you take upon the information you uncover on this website is strictly in ~ your very own risk. Constantly ensure you have actually the ideal qualifications and certifications to bring out DIY work and never put your safety at risk. Hills irrigation recivicpride-kusatsu.netmends consulting a skilled for all electrical and plumbing work.