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When I"m teaching middle school science and I"m to teach the concept of matter I commonly tell castle that every little thing is make of matter except for 3 things.

Space-Time, power (light, heat, kinetic, potential, etc) and Abstractions (happiness, love, running, numbers, etc)

Although Space-Time is no on the syllabus the student love come hear anything the follow ""this is no on the syllabus yet ...""

Is this a fair statement or am i leaving other out?


It is fair because that the middle school level. Mass-energy equivalence and the complications of space-time would certainly make her lesson a bit more confusing so your statement need to be good.


Please keep in mind that light is no a form of energy, quite it carries energy, simply as issue does. In my opinion, the most clear and also unambiguous instance of "stuff" the is not matter is in fact light. One could regard spacetime likewise as a "stuff", a physical entity, however that is a bit more muddled in exactly how you specify "physical" and which design you space using. Personally I"d to the the materials of the cosmos as matter and also light, which have actually energy, and exist in spacetime. "Abstractions" are simply one of many /emergent properties/ that result from this fundamental system.


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Why does matter occupies space? matter and room are two things... If an are does not has mass, why should matter have actually space-ful nature?

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