Natural beauty and a good sense that humor room two things, which Jensen hoped to uncover in his future wife and mother that his kids. That’s why, when he met the actress and also ex-model Danneel Harris at the set of “Ten inch Hero” in 2006, he immediately fell in love. Three years later they acquired engaged and then exchanged the vow at a lavish ceremony in Dallas on might 15, 2010. As the wedding guests later on confessed, Danneel to be a stunning bride.

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The gibbs have developed a solid happy family, i m sorry soon came to be even bigger. They parental three children as of 2021. In her at an early stage years, Mrs. Ackles dreamed about a an excellent family. Nevertheless, she had ambitions as an actress together well.

She to be born in Lafayette, Louisiana in the family members of an inner designer Deborah and an ophthalmologist Edward Graul. Born together Elta Danneel Graul, she adjusted her surname to Danneel Harris, having started she career as a model. Later she readjusted the emphasis of she career because that acting and also won the function of Shannon in the collection “One Life come Live”.

The most famous projects in Danneel’s movie list are the drama series “One Tree Hill”, “How i Met her Mother”, “The Roommate” and others.

Since 2017 the actress devotes the significant part of she time to her kids and also husband, no to she career.



Date that birth: might 30, 2013

Jensen’s fans know that that is a good father. His Instagram account is complete of his daughter’s photos. Obviously, the father and also the daughter spend a the majority of time together. They visit cafes and fitness centers because that kids, travel a lot, and enjoy vacations together.

Justice gone into this human being in Texas, USA. Her mother offered her such an amazing name due to the fact that of the pediatrician, that dreamed “to have an ext justice in this world”. Her middle name is “Jay”, that’s why at house she is regularly addressed together JJ.

Her father to be on his career peak when she to be born. He tried come refuse few of his provides to spend much more time through his daughter and wife.

When JJ was 3 year old, she came to be a large sister. She parents invited their twins.

Arrow Rhodes Ackles (daughter, among the twins)

Date that birth: December 2, 2016

In summer 2016, Jensen and Danneel announced that they to be expecting twins – a boy and a girl. The kids were born ~ above the second day that December that very year. The girl arrowhead got her exciting name instantly – she father want her initials to be “AA”, therefore they named the baby girl arrow Ackles.

Zeppelin Bram Ackles (son, among the twins)

Date that birth: December 2, 2016

The various other of the twins to be a baby boy. It take it his mother and father number of days to do a decision, what his name have to be. They named him “Zeppelin” after the node “Zeppelin bend” since of the cord, which tied around the boy’s neck and made his bear process an ext dangerous and complicated.



Date the birth: October 20, 1948

Jensen’s dad stands behind his super-successful career. In fact, the future superordinary star acquired his very first gigs (he action in commercials) due to his dad, well-known radio and also TV employee.

Alan i get it Ackles spend the major part of his life in Texas, USA. On august 21, 1971, he tied a knot v Donna Shaffer and they increased three youngsters together. Alan and Donna constructed a happy solid family. Besides, Mr. Ackles became successful as an actor and also voice actor. His soft pleasant voice can be heard in various commercials. Besides, he appeared as an actor on “Devour” and “Prison Break”. He additionally acted through his son’s next in “Supernatural”.

Donna Shaffer Ackles (mother)

Date the birth: February 28, 1951

Donna Shaffer Ackles is the actor’s mother. She to be born and raised in Texas, USA. Donna is the daughter of Betty and Carroll Shaffer. Both her parents room late nowadays. She has three sisters.

Mrs. Ackles has actually three children. Besides, she has been married to her husband Alan for several decades. Castle live in Sachse, Texas as of now.

Jensen Ackles siblings

Joshua Ackles (brother)


Date the birth: December 19, 1974

Jensen has actually an older brother, called Josh. He provided to occupational as an architect. The male is married and has three kids. One of his children, a kid Levi, has Down syndrome. To support the others in a comparable situation, he has launched the charity company “Team Levi”.

Mackenzie Ackles Stauffer (younger sister)


Date that birth: June 26, 1985

Jensen has actually a younger sister Mackenzie. She is a Lloyd V. Berkner High institution graduate. She is married to Jeremy Stauffer. They have actually three youngsters together.


For plenty of people worldwide Jensen Ackles is well-known as Dean Winchester indigenous the long-lasted dark fantasy series “Supernatural”. No should say, the this an excellent screen project is among the main in the actor’s filmography. Nevertheless, Jensen is a flexible actor, so there are lots of roles he deserve to be proud of. Let’s have actually a look!

He to be born as Jensen Ross Ackles in Dallas, Texas. He is the middle child in the family members of Donna and also Alan Ackles. Since the faster years, Jensen to be interested in acting and also sports. After ~ graduation indigenous high college he to plan to gain a diploma together a physics therapist at Texas technology University, however suddenly readjusted the calm flow of his life and moved come Los Angeles with a dream to become a expert actor.

At the beginning of his career, Jensen acquired just tiny roles in the TV series. Thus, he featured on the episode of the TV present for youngsters “Wishbone”, and then showed up on “Sweet valley High”. He to be noticed after illustrating Malcolm ~ above the sitcom “Mr. Rhodes”.

He was catapulted come stardom ~ being actors as Eric Brady in the collection “Days of our Lives”. It was not simple thing for the gibbs to victory the role, and Jensen to be auditioned numerous times before he was finally chosen amongst other contenders.

After that first success, Jensen gained one great offer after another – he came to be the teen symbol as C.J. Braxton indigenous “Dawson’s Creek. Then, he to be auditioned because that the function of Clark Kent in “Smallville”, however lost it come Tom Welling. Nevertheless, Jensen was cast in the TV series as Jason Teague. In 2005 he finally got his win ticket – the main role in the series “Supernatural”. The story about two brothers (another one was portrayed by Jared Padalecki), that travel all over the world with the target to hunt superordinary beings, came to be unbelievably popular and lasted for 15 seasons.

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Nowadays, Jensen boasts with a large army of fans and also numerous awards, which that won for his many popular display work – the role of Dean in “Supernatural”.