What I"m trying to say is that, it seems that civilization use "half of a million" both in informal situation (casual talk) and also formal situation(news report).

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Cambridge thesaurus gives this examples

half a dozen

Roughly fifty percent (of) the course are Spanish and the others room a mixture of nationalities.

which seems to suggest that the "of" is unnecessary as soon as "half" precedes a number.

However, Google Ngram shows that civilization might usage "half of a million" sometimes.

the concern is that, in what type of situation, people use "half of a million". Might someone please give a hint? many thanks in advance.

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We usage one half of in sentences like:

One fifty percent of the population of this country are rich.

And, half a in sentences like:

Half a minute ago...

Half a million dollars... etc.

If girlfriend are in search of a dominance the ascendancy will be choose this:

We normally use "half a" prior to units of measurement.

But exceptions abound.

Hope the helped.

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