A blog around Spanish food--how to cook it, how to eat it, right here or there. The focus will be on simple, easy and mostly healthy and balanced dishes, through lots of choices for vegetarians, vegans, and folks (like me) on low-cholesterol diets.

The finest fried potatoes i have ever eaten have been in Spain. The was one of the an initial Spanish dishes my mother-in-law teach me exactly how to cook. This method is simpler and easier 보다 the twice-frying or  parboiling techniques regularly recommended through cookbooks. It uses much less oil, and the fries won't come the end greasy.  see my post So how Much Oil perform Potatoes Fried the Spanish method Absorb?  for an ext information.

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Here’s exactly how to execute it: Ingredients: 1 large Idaho/russet potato the the best quality girlfriend can discover 1 cup of olive oil (I use an cheap virgin olive oil) salt Peel the potato. Cut it right into any kind fries friend like. Steak fries or wedges are easiest. The essential thing is the they are relatively uniform in shape and thickness so the they chef evenly. Sprinkle with salt and also toss lock a bit.

Heat increase a well-seasoned wok. (Spanish cooks often use a steel fried food pan shaped much like a flat-bottomed wok). If friend don’t have a wok, use a non-stick saucepan. Add one cup that olive oil. Include the potatoes to the warmth oil and cook lock on medium or even medium low heat until they room soft, however not at all browned.


This typically takes ten or fifteen minutes, depending upon the form of the fries. Check the thickest the the fries with a fork. If the breaks easily or falls apart, that is soft enough. Crank up the warm to high. Nothing stir the fries too much at first, or castle will pertained to pieces. Together they turn golden they will build a crust and will be easier to handle. Climate you deserve to move them around so the they cook evenly.



 When the potatoes are crisp, eliminate from the oil and drain on record towels. friend can dual or also triple this recipe and also still cook the potatoes every in one batch if your wok is large enough.

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You deserve to serve these, that course, with all sorts of meat and also fish dishes, but they additionally make a good tapa. In Spain they're frequently topped v salsa brava.