The ELO rating systemBasically, each player has actually a rating. This rating is then compared with her opponent’s rating and also an "expected" success % is determined based upon how far apart you and also your opponent’s ratings are. After ~ each game is played, you calculate the difference between the meant % of wins and also our performance. If two players are equal in skill, climate in theory, they should each win 50% that the time versus one another. A greater rating would therefore suggest higher skill and greater likelihood of winning any particular game against lower rated players. The exact same works once playing against greater rated players. The theory is that over time, your true skill should be reflected in her rating because your "good and bad" play should even out end time and also your true rating need to emerge.

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For a more detailed explanation the the ELO system, please check out the Wikipedia entry title "Elo rating system".

Complaints around the rating system(s) in ScrabbleIn the recent concern of Scrabble News (#218 ns believe), there to be a note about the development of a ratings committee. This group is walk to suggest an different ratings formula and also come-up v something for usage by 2009. I’m not certain why world feel a need to adjust the current system, however I’ve heard the following complaints:

Ratings have actually been decreasing/"deflating" (read below for some more info around this)Point "spreads" must be recognized – for instance a player win by 500 points must be recognizedSimilar to the suggest above, "all wins aren’t equal"It’s too less complicated to "lose" rating points but harder to obtain them

Personally, I’m not certain what all the complaining and also clamoring is all about. No system is perfect. In science, it’s what we contact "measurement error" in that every measurement we take has actually some type of error involved. Because that things prefer measuring the elevation of something, we have the right to be nice good, yet with things like measuring someone’s intelligence, it can be fight or miss.

I think this is what is keep going in Scrabble today. Football player who supplied to it is in in the 1500-1600 range have had their ratings drop a an excellent 200-300 point out in the past couple of years. What I’ve seen as a brand-new player is that more players space getting far better and in ~ a quicker rate. We have the right to see this in few of the younger players obtaining involved, yet mostly because of the far better study devices available. Computer simulation software enables players to analysis games and become better. We likewise see this in the decreasing variety of (active) football player in the 1900s and also 2000s. What us don’t see, however, is a readjust in the family member rankings that players. The peak players space still in ~ the top in around the exact same order together they to be before. It’s those players who haven’t boosted much over the past few years who have actually seen your ratings plummet. Castle aren’t any worse than they were before. It’s just that anyone else is getting better and so acquiring and/or preserving a rating is much much more difficult.

In my example, based upon my play in ~ my regional club, I’ve feel that i was about a 1150-1250 player and also yet my tournament/NSA rating was around 800 because that over a year. Once I determined a few things about playing in tournaments, an especially about playing versus lower rated players, I’ve checked out my rating run 400+ point out to about 1205 (estimated). I’ve jumped increase so much due to the fact that my true level of pat is higher than 800. Currently that I’m at the 1200 level, ns don’t mean to see lot gains in my rating until I start enhancing again. Those civilization who i beat would check out their rating walk down, not due to the fact that they played poorly, but because they play someone that was rated lower than them. Similarly, i would suppose it very an overwhelming to keep my rating if I start to play versus opponents who are obtaining better. We’re every on this treadmill of needing to enhance or else view our ratings go down.

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Final thoughtsSo after ~ a brief look at the ELO system, I’m not certain if any new system that may (or might not it is in introduced) will certainly fair any kind of better. Personally, i think the secret is no to worry about the rating and focus on just becoming a far better player. The ratings will certainly take treatment of themselves.