Nicholas Theodore Nemeth, better known through the name Dolph Ziggler is one American skilled wrestler and stand-up comedian. The is at this time signed come WWE and also performs ~ above the SmackDown under the ring surname Dolph Ziggler. His other ring names space Nick Metro, Nic Nemeth, Nick Nemeth, Nicky. He to be signed through WWE in 2004. He has actually over 3 million pendant on his Instagram.

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What is Dolph Ziggler renowned For?

- one of the popular wrestlers in WWE.



WWE Career

After his prolific amateur rings career, the signed a advancement contract with people Wrestling entertain (WWE).

WWWE assigned him come their advance territory Ohio valley Wrestling (OVW).

He debuted under the ring name "Nick Nemeth".

He was promoted to WWE"s life brand in 2005. The made his television debut top top 19 September in an illustration of Sunday Night Heat. He play the caddy sidekick come Kerwin White.

He do his rings debut in an episode of Sunday Night warm where that teamed up through White in a sign team match versus Shelton Benjamin and Matt Striker.

He was then sent ago to OVW v the nickname "Nicky".

He joined the cheerleading-themed The soul Squad. The team had 5 wrestlers. The team debuted on life in January 2006.

The heart Squad winner the world Tag Team Championship in 2006.

He returned to OVW in November 2006.

He to be assigned come Florida Championship (FCW) in September 2007. He winner the FCW Florida tag Team Championship twice, as soon as with Brad Allen, and also later through Gavin Spears.

He was repackaged together Dolph Ziggler top top his return to the key roster in September 2008.

He to be suspended for 30 days because that a violation the WWE"s well-being Program plan in October 2008.

He battled his an initial match on raw under the name "Ziggler" against Batista ~ above 1 December 2008. He shed the match.

He earn his very first victory under the surname Ziggler versus R-Truth in the very same month.

He to be drafted to the SmackDown brand as component of the 2009 Supplemental draft in April 2009.

He made his SmackDown debut in April 2009 against the United states Champion Montel Vontavios Porter (MVP). He won the match.

He has held the Intercontinental Championship 6 times.

He has also held the people Heavyweight Championship and also the United says Championship twice.

He held the raw Tag Team Championship once.

He was also the sole survivor of 2 Survivor series elimination matches.

He has actually headlined many pay-per-view events for WWE and also was the 2012 Money in the financial institution winner.


Stand-up Comedy

He first performed stand-up comedy because that the first time in a small venue in Los Angeles in 2013. He prospered up a pan of comedians such together Johnny Carson, Jon Lovitz, Dana Carvey, jan Hooks, Phil Hartman, Adam Sandler, George Wallace, and Brian Regan. He learned comedy for practically ten year in his preparations because that a comedy career.

He held a monthly improv comedy show, Flying chuck alongside fellow professional wrestlers man Morrison and his brother buy it Tiana.

He showed up on Comedy Central"s Roast battle III encountering off against Tiana in July 2018.

He headlined several reflects close come the arenas for 2018"s SummerSlam and also Survivor collection pay-per-views in 2018.

He embarked on his first headlining tourism from January to March 2019.

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Who is Dolph Ziggler married to?

He remained in an on-screen partnership with WWE Diva Maria. He later started a romantic partnership with Vickie Guerrero. He to be then in one on-screen partnership with AJ Lee. He was additionally romantically connected with several various other WWE divas.