I"m writing an instance of constructing logic, and I have to differentiate in between an adult mrs dog, one adult male dog and a puppy and also am looking for polite terms.

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Unfortunately, words "bitch" has actually impolite connotations, for this reason I"d quite not usage it, however I"m not sure of any other terms for a mrs dog. Likewise, i don"t recognize of a gendered term for a a male dog, apart from "dog".

Given the linguistic baggage the the hatchet "bitch" has in non-specialist areas, is there an alternative, polite term because that a "female dog"?

For context: in the logic I"m describing, if the dog is young it is a "puppy", otherwise if it"s woman it"s a "term X", or if it"s masculine it is a "term Y".

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Honza Zidek
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asked Sep 30 "13 in ~ 1:04
i would imply using geese instead of dogs: goose, gander and also gosling.
Sep 30 "13 at 5:46
BraddSzonye No there isn't. And Michael argued geese as an alternative and its great suggestion.
Sep 30 "13 in ~ 6:58
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I think the obvious answer (the one you currently know!) is the best:

You have the right to refer come a woman dog together a mrs dog.You have the right to refer to a masculine dog together a masculine dog.

Of course, if you really must specify that they"re adults, you might do that:

An adult male dog can be referred to as an adult male.An adult female dog could be referred to as an adult female.

In circles whereby bitch is generally used, ns think dog is the male counterpart, believe it or not. Those two words would certainly be the right answer, i think, if you hadn"t ruled them out.

(My apologies if you"re trying to find something an ext esoteric.)

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answered Sep 30 "13 at 1:15
Wasn't looking for esoteric, simply hopefully more compact and less repetitive. However sometimes, there aren't much better terms.
Sep 30 "13 in ~ 1:18
This is the most technically correct answer, the best kind the correct.
Oct 1 "13 in ~ 0:11
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If you are referring to a reproduction pair and offspring, you can use dam and sire rather of bitch and dog.

However, the best answer may be to usage a different animal for her example. If many pet terms have the right to be applied pejoratively to humans, couple of will provoke a visceral reaction like bitch can.

Pigs and horses make good examples due to the fact that they both have separate, familiar terms for the species, adult males, adult females, and offspring, analogous to human, man, woman, and baby:

Pig: boar, sow, pigletHorse: stallion, mare, foal

If girlfriend decide that you additionally need terms for young males and females, analogous to boy and also girl, horses are a perfect fit with colt and also filly.

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Bradd SzonyeBradd Szonye
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Brad, If I could mark 2 answers correct, I'd mark yours too, yet it appears that bitch is the many generic, exactly term as
snailboat stated. However your edits, especially regarding colt and also filly will certainly be helpful for various other logic explanations. Thanks :)
Oct 1 "13 in ~ 0:06
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It is not at every impolite to refer to a mrs dog as a bitch if in reality you typical female dog. It will be clear that you don"t median bitch the pejorative v context.

If friend don"t favor using male dog and also female dog, you might use stud for the male. You put a male the end to stud once you breed it and also that native is offered for various other male animals.

But I think bitch and also dog space the equivalents of hen and rooster strictly speaking about analogues for sex of course (obviously they are different varieties of animals).

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There"s nothing naturally impolite around using bitch to describe a dog. These days, this sense of bitch is mostly used as dog-breeders" jargon, so there is small likelihood that confusion. In the rare situations where man is possible, female or just use the the feminine pronoun should suffice.

If you urge on avoiding any kind of word that has been offered as a ax of abuse because that a women, you"ll have to steer clean of cow, tart, slag, dog (yes, dog!) and many, plenty of more. Space you sure you desire to go under that path?

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answer Sep 30 "13 in ~ 6:13

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Tart, cow and dog space all used commonly enough that they room what I'd hatchet 'safe' words. Slag (although offered in ironworks) and bitch are usually used together insults nowdays, hence the trepidation.
Sep 30 "13 at 6:57

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Unfortunately, as result of the commonality the dogs/canines and cats together pets and also frankly any type of common animal, v the habit of common terms going with pejoration, many terms regarded these animals have negative connotations external of their suitable use and context.

Dog, Bitch, Wolf, She-Wolf, fox, vixen, coyote, cur, bastard, butch, mynx/minx, hen, cock, chicken, chick, pig, boar, cow, heifer, calf, bull, mule, donkey, jackass, mare, gelding, cat, pussy, queen, dam/dame, sow, hyena, sheep, ewe, manatee, whale, skunk, vulture, snake, worm, and princess & dictator (lemurs, that knew).

If it can have a negative connotation, it will certainly be offered as one. Part are more popular/common 보다 others (cur is wholly obsolete/antiquated), and some can be supplied positively in ~ times, yet over all, many of the terms are negative.

The correct terms for Dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) is Pup/Dog/Bitch. This is additionally the correct terms for any type of Canine in general, though specific varieties might have various ones (Wolf has actually cub and she-wolf, Fox has vixen and reynard as alternative terms).

See more: Can You Take Advil With Robitussin, Combining Advil With Other Medications

If girlfriend are just using puppy/dog/bitch as a solitary example, stop it and also use a an ext pc term. If you space talking in ~ length about a topic where they are offered in the exactly context, you need to use the proper terms and also hope her audience is mature sufficient not to obtain insulted.