Epsom salt has plenty of applications differing from natural exfoliation come sore muscle-soothing; however, Epsom salt’s many popular intake is bathtub salt. It is asserted to detoxify the body and also relax tired and also aching muscles. Epsom salt is not only used as a bathtub salt, yet it is additionally used in beauty commodities like salt scrubs for its exfoliating properties.

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If you room out of Epsom salt and also looking for its alternatives, girlfriend should think about the function of use first. Epsom salt substitutes distinguish in your properties and also use. In this article, as Koyuncu, Turkey’s largest salt producer, we will certainly tell girlfriend the organic ingredients you can use as substitutes because that Epsom salt.

Epsom Salt Definition


We will talk about the question, “what is a substitute for Epsom salt?” but first, we should clarify what Epsom salt is. Epsom salt, additionally known as magnesium sulfate, is a chemistry compound, a form of mineral compound consisted of of magnesium, sulfur, oxygen. It has actually a white, solid, crystalline structure that is soluble in water.

Epsom salt has a similar appearance to table salt, however they taste entirely different. Moreover, Epsom salt is frequently referred to as “bath salt” and is often used come treat ailments.

How Does it Work?


The services of Epsom salt are not well-researched and there is no crystal clear evidence; however, Epsom salt is supplied to act ailments such together constipation, insomnia, and sore muscles for centuries by countless people. As we proclaimed above, Epsom salt disappear in water and releases magnesium and sulfate ions right into the water.

One idea of exactly how using Epsom salt in baths is beneficial is the the released magnesium and also sulfate deserve to be absorbed through the skin. Epsom salts are typically used in bathwater. Epsom salt can also be offered as a foot soak and also skin exfoliator. If girlfriend are having actually trouble recognize Epsom salt, you can use Epsom salt choices as well.

What Is a Substitute because that Epsom Salt?

Knowing the benefits of Epsom salt, us can gain to the question, “what is a substitute because that Epsom salt?” There space different varieties of Epsom salt substitutes however finding a perfect one counts on the function of use. It is crucial to choose an Epsom salt different that addresses her needs.

Not all Epsom salt substitutes deal with the same issues. For example, if you wish to usage Epsom salt for its exfoliating properties, then you need a substitute that has similar properties. Below, you can find different Epsom salt substitutes the you deserve to use for varying purposes.

1. Sea Salt together Bath Salt and Foot Soak


What is a good substitute for Epsom salt? Sea salt is. If you usage Epsom salt for its organic soothing and also exfoliating properties, sea salt is fantastic Epsom salt alternative. Similar to Epsom salt, sea salt can also be offered as a bath salt and also foot soak salt.

Sea salt exfoliates the dead skin, oil, and grime from the body. It makes the skin soft and smooth. It works well as a natural solution come dry and also scaly skin. Besides, sea salt relaxes the sick muscles and also soothes the body.

Although sea salt deserve to be supplied as one Epsom salt substitute, there are details differences. Inspect out our article, “What Is The Difference in between Epsom Salt and Sea Salt,” to learn more.

2. Vital Oils because that Foot Soak


One the the popular usage areas of Epsom salt is together a foot soak. Epsom salt publication magnesium sulfate when liquified in water, which can have easing impacts on ill foot muscles and limbs. What is a substitute because that Epsom salt together a foot soak? crucial oils deserve to be offered as one Epsom salt alternative.

The relaxing nature of Epsom salts can be mimicked with essential oils. Necessary oils like tangerine and peppermint oil are helpful to soothe worn down feet muscles. Adding a few drops of crucial oils to warmth water can assist you ease your foot soreness. Although crucial oils space a good Epsom salt substitute, they perform not carry out the natural exfoliating values that Epsom salt has.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar


Thanks come its cleansing properties, Epsom salt is also used to remove the product buildup native hair. Overuse and constant use of hair products construct up on hair and scalp, which damages the hair and also makes it shed its shine and natural moisture.

Epsom salt mixed with water and lime juice deserve to be offered as a final rinse for hair to do it smooth and shiny. So, if you room asking, “what deserve to I usage in location of Epsom salt because that hair cleansing purposes,” apple cider vinegar is great Epsom salt alternative. You deserve to use to apologize cider vinegar diluted in water as a final rinse for her hair ~ it has been shampooed. It helps to remove the product buildup from hair.

4. Oatmeal


We have mentioned the organic exfoliating nature of Epsom salt. So, what is a great substitute for Epsom salt because that skin exfoliation purposes? The price is one oatmeal paste. To make the exfoliating oatmeal paste:

● Mix a tablespoon or 2 of oatmeal with adequate water (not too much)

● Make sure it becomes a special paste.

You have the right to use this Epsom salt alternate paste to gently scrub her skin and get to escape of too much oil, dirt, and grime.

5. Baking Soda


Baking soda, likewise known as salt bicarbonate, deserve to be used as one Epsom salt alternative as well. Baking soda is no only provided for therapeutic purposes and also a remedy for sunburn and itchy skin but additionally to ease sore muscles by adding into baths. A bath with baking soda deserve to be detoxifying and also soothing.

What Is Epsom Salt good For?

Although there is not sufficient evidence, Epsom salt is generally known to have some health benefits. Follow to claims, Epsom salt;

● gives magnesium

● Reduces stress

● Helps through constipation

● promotes sleep

● reduces muscle pains and also swelling

Lastly, Epsom salt is no recommended to take it by mouth. That may cause serious side results when provided incorrectly.

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The Epsom salt substitutes given over can job-related well when you run out of Epsom salt. Friend can likewise consider save Epsom salt in case you might need the in the long term. Perform you know exactly how to keep salt correctly? girlfriend can find out by analysis our short article Why and How to keep Salt on lengthy Term.