Maxitrol combination Controls indigenous N.H. Yates!

Gas valves are used to manage the circulation of flammable gases to and from a boiler or various other gas equipment. Redundant gas valves regulate the passage of gas to the burner in a gas furnace or other gas-fueled devices. The purpose of a redundancy gas valve is to enable the pilot valve operator, or, the main valve operator come shut off the flow of gas to the key burner. This redundancy creates an ext options and permits opportunities to store the gas native the burner whenever necessary. Maxitrol mix Controls space perfect for usage in plenty of applications such together gas boilers, strength burners, spa heaters, wall surface furnaces, gas fires, patio heaters, farming heaters, and also commercial food preparation appliances. In addition, these mix controls are perfect for natural, manufactured, combined gases, liquefied petroleum gases, and also LP gas-air mixtures. At N.H. Yates, we space proud to represent of the whole line of Maxitrol products, including the Maxitrol mix Controls.

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Models that Maxitrol mix Controls

Maxitrol mix Controls because that gas tools come in several models the are proper for different application and needs. Here is a short outline of each model and also their capabilities:

Maxitrol mix Control model CV100


The CV100 is a single solenoid shut-off valve with an integrated pressure regulator. This design gas regulator is supplied for applications v high volume pilot present such as gas boilers and power burners.

Maxitrol combination Control design CV200


The CV200 is a dual-solenoid shut-off valve through an integrated pressure regulator. The CV200 is a redundant combination control that is provided in straight spark or warm surface ignition applications. This unit eliminates the require for a was standing or continuous burning pilot flame. Some proper applications because that the CV200 include straight vent gas-fired baseboard heaters, space heaters, wall furnaces, water heaters, gas fireplaces, and commercial food preparation appliances.

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Maxitrol mix Control model CV300


The CV300 is a double solenoid shut-off valve through an incorporated pressure regulator, however, one optional pressure regulated pilot gas outlet is available. Suitable applications because that the CV300 encompass gas fires, commercial food preparation appliances, and patio heaters.

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