Well, there are numerous names provided to refer to a team of horses depending on the animal’s age, gender, and tasks they’re associated in.

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Not to concern if you’re confused, I’ve put together a list of several of the name used and also the paper definition they’re offered in.

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What is a team of steed Called?

The ax you will certainly be most familiar with because that a team of equines is herd.

A herd is a team of horses or other pets they live and also travel together, both for protection and also socialization.

8 Collective nouns That can Be offered for a group of Horses

Below are an ext names used for a group of horses.


A team of residential horses reared because that breeding. Castle are likewise known as stud farms and are necessary in preserving a breed, including emerging a studbook (a breed registry of horses of a certain type).


This is one more name that can be used for a stud farm. Girlfriend will regularly see studs situated in French-speaking nations use this.


I know this one will certainly seem a small strange at first as this word often refers to the structure in which the horses are housed. However it can also refer come a team of steeds regardless of the type of real estate the owner has them in.

Rag/Bachelor Herd

Used because that a team of colts (uncastrated male equines that are 4 years old or younger).

This is something you will see among wild horses. This is miscellaneous you will see amongst wild horses and also not the trained horse, as we do not store in this environment


If you own some steeds or usage some horses for sports or any other task often, girlfriend would contact that team a string of horses. For example, a polo player will have a cable of polo ponies.


Used to describe a team of contemporary horses that participate together in a sport. For instance, team-penning requires a team that at least three horses and also three riders. An additional example is the steeds used to traction a carriage.


A group of steeds used for army purposes.


This is regularly a smaller section of a herd.

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Horse Herd Ranks and Dynamics

I hope that clears things up for you if there was any previous confusion. Now that we recognize some the the names provided for teams of equines let’s briefly talk about how this horses’ herds room organized.


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