Like, how is it decided what round a conditional pick is or how does a team receive one through free agency and trades? what are the basic ground rules?


The formula is kind of a mystery, but basically if you lose a high priced free agent to another team, and you don't sign an equally high priced free agent to replace him, you get a conditional pick. The better the player/bigger the contract, the higher the pick.

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Conditional picks only exist for rounds 3-7, can't be traded, and no team can get more than 4 in one year.

and you don't sign an equally high priced free agent to replace him

what about the trade the texans made? they replaced Fitzpatrick with Hoyer and got a 6th. looks like the salaries are comparable if not hoyer's being worse on their books than fitz was.

edit: nevermind, compensatory vs. conditional makes more sense now.

Like you said, the formula is a mystery, but I think the NFL also takes into consideration the age of a player as well as the dollar amount of the contract he songs with his new team.

Fo example, I don't think the Steelers would get a compensatory pick for James Harrison if he signs with Tennessee, even though he played very well for Pittsburgh last year, because of his advanced age.

that is a compensatory pick.

a conditional pick is when you make a trade and then agree that the draft pick will change based on the performance of the player traded, or the team. for instance, trade bradford for a 4th round draft pick next year but if bradford starts 14 or more games then the draft pick becomes a 3rd round pick.

The conditions are different for every trade and agreed upon by the teams involved. For example, a trade might include a 5th round pick if the player involved is active for 12 games in the following season, but a 6th or 7th (or no pick) if the player is active for less than 12 games.

Compensatory picks are different, and are awarded based on players that you lost to free agency, and I don't really know too much about the formulas they use.

yea i understand the conditional pick, i just had a momentary lapse of reason and equated it as a compensatory when i saw the Hoyer/Fitz story.

this thread spawned from my momentary stupidity.

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They're draft picks with a condition attached. Usually performance based or games started. An example would be Percy harvin this season. The trade from Seattle to NY had a conditional draft pick involved, if harvin remained on the jets past March 19th the Seahawks would get a 4th round pick, if he were released before then it turns into only a 6th.