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What’s the difference in between a stalk that celery vs a rib that celery?


You’ll watch it written in different way in recipes, therefore let’s decode a stalk that celery vs a rib of celery!

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For years, i thought an entire “thing” the celery, choose you buy go together in a bag in ~ the grocery store, was called a “bunch” of celery.

Likewise, I assumed one individual item of the celery plant was recognized as a stalk.

So for quite a while, as soon as writing recipes, I would certainly write the ingredient together a stalk that celery.

That is, till a discerning reader wondered about my use of the term, and therefore the lot of celery referred to as for in the recipe.

So I began doing a small bit the research.

What is a Stalk that Celery?

As it transforms out, the entire celery tree is not actually a “bunch” the celery, yet a stalk that celery.

Some people likewise refer to it as a “head” that celery, similar to the means many other cruciferous vegetables are referred to–such as a head the lettuce, head the cabbage, head the cauliflower, etc.

In the snapshot below, you’ll check out a full stalk of celery.


What is a Rib the Celery?

Each separation, personal, instance “stick” that celery, the you would break off and slice or dice for a recipe, is known as a rib of celery. As you deserve to see in the snapshot below, one stalk of celery may contain around 7-9 ribs that celery.

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Thanks come the leader who at first questioned my ingredients, I’ve adjusted how I create it in my recipes to it is in accurate.

That’s because I desire to be perfect clear that someone shouldn’t chop increase a whole head the celery. So you’ll uncover that ns now speak to for “ribs” that celery, or sometimes just an lot of diced celery as measured in cups.

A couple of of my Recipes that Make an excellent Use Celery:

More Trivia about Celery

Celery will commonly stay fresh in the crisper drawer of her refrigerator for about 2 weeks.To reduced a stalk of celery, you can cut off the entire bottom section (the root finish that is whiter or lighter environment-friendly in color), then slice the separation, personal, instance ribs. You can also use the leaves–they add an excellent flavor to soups and stews!You can use a vegetables peeler or small knife to eliminate the strings indigenous a rib the celery if friend prefer–especially advantageous if you’re going to be eating the celery sticks raw through some dip.Sometimes you’ll watch “celery hearts” in the grocery store store–these space the within ribs native the stalk. The outer ribs have been removed, leaving just the center parts that the stalk.

Things friend didn’t understand you required to know, right?