The stove height heats in the temperatures in between 200°F - 500°F. That would equal 300 degrees in between 200°F and also 500°F. Separating that right into 10 equal partitions.

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On my stove height it starts at short so that would certainly be 200°F. It goes every the way up come HIGH, which would certainly equal 500°F. Divided out that would certainly be about 33.3 levels per number. Round approximately 35 degrees.


Low = 200°F

2 = 235°F

3 = 270°F

4 = 305°F

5 = 340°F

6 = 375°F

8 = 445°F

9 = 480°F

High = 500°F

Achieving 375°F will certainly be a little less 보다 6, but more than 5... Ring up... 6.

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This is operated to the numbers on my cooktop top. Friend will have to work it the end to to the right the number on your stove top. Just change my conversion Chart above to fit your dial. Low to every little thing number is the lowest on your dial.

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