1) A material that transmits irradiate WITHOUT scattering it; this permits you come see plainly what is ~ above the other side.2) clear glass, water, and also air all room examples.

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1) A product that SCATTERS light together it overcome through.2) You can usually see something behind a translucent object, however the details room blurred. 3) Wax record and a frosted glass room examples.
1) A product that mirrors or absorbs every one of the light the strikes it.2) It mirrors or absorbs all of the light the strikes it. You can not see with opaque materials since light can not pass with them. 3) Wood, metal, and tightly woven cloth all space examples.
Reflection the occurs once parallel beam of irradiate hit a SMOOTH surface and all reflect at the same ANGLE, for this reason you check out a spicy reflection.
Reflection that occurs when parallel beam of light hit a rough surface and also all reflect at various ANGLES, and you DON"T watch a clean reflection.
1) A curved piece of glass or other transparent material that is used to refract light.2) it forms photo by refracting irradiate rays that pass with it.
1) A level sheet the glass that has actually a smooth, silver-colored coating ~ above one side. 2) the produces one upright, virtual image that is the same size together the object when light strikes it. 3) due to the fact that the coating is smooth, continuous reflection occurs and also a clear photo forms.
1) some light rays from things strike the mirror and also reflect towards your eye. 2) also though the rays are reflected, your brain treats the rays together if they had actually come indigenous behind the mirror. 3) due to the fact that the light appears to come native behind the mirror, this is wherein the student"s image appears to be located.

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1) Happens when light transforms direction, or bends, when it moves from one medium (material) come another.2) as soon as light passes right into a new medium at an angle.

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