While having sex, both women and also men are excited, and their erogenous region is active. After having sex, when a male ejaculates semen in the vagina, many women have the right to feel that every drop because the nature the semen is warm, and it feels remarkable for most women as their vagina becomes much more sensitive. While many women do not feel semen in your vagina is because their vagina is currently wet, but they sometimes feel warmth of semen. They feel something warm fluid coming in your vagina.

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The question arises below why some women feel semen fluid and also others perform not, plenty of factors are responsible because that this, let’s discover each one in details below:

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1. Sensitivity of vagina

A woman’s body becomes more sensitive when they aroused while having sex. Their vagina becomes much more fragile and also erected if they are sexually excited. A woman’s vagina lips and clitoris start swelling, and the vaginal walls fill v blood in a procedure and this procedure is considered as vasocongestion, which is very similar to the means blood flows into the penis during one erection. This process feels great for most women.

The vagina the a mrs becomes lubricated or slippery by the happen of fluids with the vaginal walls. Once the woman becomes sexually excited, the chemical changes happened in your vagina, and also their vagina start making an ext alkaline and less acidic. This is the main element that is responsible for gaining warm sensation of semen in women’s vagina. Women require to become sexually energetic when their partner has inserted prick into your vagina, this is due to the fact that the an ext sexy they feels the more vagina make lubricants; if a woman will not it is in excited, then it is very an overwhelming to feeling the autumn of semen.

2. Size and girth the the penis:


Most women insurance claim they just feel semen in your vagina as soon as their partner’s prick size is large. It might be as result of a large penis the can satisfy all space in their vagina and additionally can make a woman really sensitive. Most women speak they feel more semen on having actually sex with a big penis. The size and girth of the prick can affect much more compare come the typical size of the penis.

3. Lot of semen when ejaculating:


Amount that semen while ejaculating in woman’s vagina is among the most critical factors that women can rarely talk about, they plainly say the if their companion ejaculate extra amount of semen in their vagina they feeling warmer to compare to that companion who ejaculates less amounts of semen fluid drops.

4. Nature that semen:

Due come the warm and also sticky nature the semen, many women insurance claim they feel semen inside her vagina. Semen has a warm temperature since the temperature the the person body is 37-degree celsius, and also semen is sticky fluid in nature, i m sorry sticks to the vagina once a woman becomes sexually active. This might be one of the reasons, why ladies feel semen in their vagina.

Causes of not feeling semen in the vagina:


Most women have the right to not feel semen is since of:

Their vagina is not sexually excited: many women sex through a companion without getting sexually excited. In this condition, girlfriend may have to try foreplay as they are really beneficial for women since foreplay can make the woman’s vagina wet.The size of the penis is average: Some women case that they do not feeling semen in their vagina because their partner’s prick size is average. Everyone has a various shape the the body and penis size too. It is much better to ask your partner.If your companion wearing a condom: Approx, all women have actually this issue if their partner is wearing a condom, how can you feeling semen inside her vagina if you put a condom on the penis? Women only feel the hardness of penis if their companion wears a condom.The vagina is already wet: many women perform not feeling semen in their vagina because their vagina is already wet but they sometimes feel the warm of semen fluid.The position likewise matters: most women do not feeling semen in their vagina in all position, they may feel as soon as performing spooning position. The sex position throughout ejaculation is additionally one the the determinants that are responsible for gaining the emotion of semen fluid in the vaginal.

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Let’s directly listen from those women that experienced and feel it in your vagina:

Yeah, i was under the perception indigenous points top top the network that when he came within me, ns would absolutely see. Nope, no a thing. I when felt him orgasm because he had actually an orgasm best onto one of those “places” in the former of the vaginal area (A spot? is that what the various other one is called?). The very first time, ns really go not also know he had cum.Not if the is utilizing a prophylactic. Ns can’t additionally really feeling the prick throbbing if he’s placing on a condom.