Let's confront it — no one's morning routine is perfect. You likely promise you yourself you'll obtain out that bed with enough time come shower, style your hair, and eat breakfast, only to role out that bed late and frantic for time.

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And when wet-to-dry straighteners might seem like basic purchase to save some extra time in the morning, the reality is that skipping the drying time might be much more damaging 보다 helpful. Here's what happens when you straighten wet hair.

The question shouldn't yes, really be about whether friend can, but fairly whether girlfriend should. Of course, we've all remained in a sirloin one hectic morning and also slapped ours sizzling hair in between the bowl of our flat iron, hoping desperately to conserve a few minutes. But the fact is the doing this hurts your hair much more than it helps it — and straightening your hair when wet constantly will cause massive damage.


"When you use a flat iron top top wet or even just wet hair, her hair is sandwiched in between super-hot plates that dry and also shape her hair in a issue of seconds," L'Oreal writes.

Even if you spray a more-than-necessary lot of warmth protectant prior to taking your flat iron to her freshly-washed hair, the product won't actually avoid the heat damages you're causing.

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“Using a level iron top top wet hair is so damaging,” says Nicole Heney the Blushing Brides come SheFinds. “When you use a tool like a hot level iron ~ above wet hair, the wet hair will actually maximize the warm to danger levels. Flat irons space damaging together is, yet on wet hair they room much worse."

According to Michelle the the beauty blog Lab Muffin, using a flat iron top top wet hair causes the water in your hair come literally pop, which defines the sizzling noises her hair makes. 

This is due to the fact that the water "explosively evaporates," breaking the hair strand together it walk so, causing damages to the hair. When doing this once won't irreparably kill your hair, make this your go-to method is a bad idea.

WHY perform PPL WET your HAIR and ATTEMPT come STRAIGHTEN while WET?!

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