This speak is common enough yet is that true? walk food really goes directly to you thighs?


I recognize why ladies feel like every little thing they eat goes directly to their thighs, even if it no really. In this blog post, I’ll explain why :)

DOES FOOD yes, really GO straight TO her THIGS?

Not necessarily. Let me explain.

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When girlfriend eat food, your body supplies what it can for energy, and lots of metabolic procedures in her body (even junk food!). Any type of extra food that your body doesn’t usage will be stored together fat.

Most women often tend to save fat in their butt, thighs, and also lower stomach. The just just how we’re developed – women room designed to save fat right here to assist with delivering a baby.

So extra fat can be save in her thighs if the is your trouble area. Or it can go to your stomach, or her butt. Friend can’t choose where the goes.

If girlfriend eat a regular amount of food or in ~ a calorie deficit (meaning you eat less than your body needs), climate the food friend eat will certainly be used up by her body and also won’t walk to her thighs at every :)

If you overindulge and also eat too much food, whatever your human body doesn’t usage up will be stored as fat. This fat will most likely go come your trouble area, whether the is your thighs or somewhere else.

So in summary, food does not go straight to her thighs; excess food may go to your thighs if the is your difficulty area.


For men, your “problem areas” space a small different.

Men don’t seem to carry weight in their butt and thighs. Instead, it frequently settles approximately their belly.

Have you ever heard of a beer gut? It can be quite usual in men, also if they nothing drink beer. They just seem come store more fat in the ship area.

There’s a factor women don’t yes, really beer guts. It’s because we metabolize fat and calories differently.

This write-up goes right into detail about the why women keep fat in their thighs and men in their bellies, so have a review if you’re interested.

ARE THERE foods items I have to AVOID?

There is no certain food that will certainly go right to her thighs. As I pointed out above, the is overfill food that is stored as fat, and this can go to her thighs.

So you must avoid diets high in calories.

The highest calorie foods are those that room high in fat and also sugar.

High fat foods include avocado, nuts, coconut oil and salmon. Yes this things space healthy, yet when girlfriend eat too lot of them, you might end up eat a many calories throughout the day, and this have the right to lead come fat storage. It’s best to eat these things in moderation, or simply make sure your calories room right.

High sugar foods items are all the typical “junk foods” such as chocolate, cakes, cookies, pastries and also other sweets. Other foodstuffs that world think room healthy but are actually full of sugar encompass yoghurts (unless it’s organic with no included sugar), cereal and also muesli bars.


Keep track of the number of calories friend eat throughout the day. Not sure how countless calories you need? read this blog article to discover out!


No food will prevent thigh fat from creating entirely. That’s just a natural part of being human. Yet there space some means to mitigate the buildup the fat that appears to pole to your thighs.

The best way to save thigh fat from becoming a difficulty is to eat the ideal foods. Steer clean of processed foods items like potato chips and also microwaved dinners, no matter exactly how convenient lock are.

Stick to fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean protein to round out your diet. This will assist with cellulite also :)

Wondering wherein to start? Make sure your pantry contains these delicious fresh foods.



Fresh and frozen spinach, kale, lettuce, and also other irpari greens are vital part of your diet. Castle contain fibre, tons of vitamins and nutrients, and assist you feel full after a meal. Friend can add them come cooked key or eat castle raw…the choice is yours! you will do it still acquire the same benefits as long as you eat them.


Chicken,fish, turkey, and also some pork cuts space all an excellent sources of lean protein. This will give your muscle the devices they have to heal and strengthen without increasing your caloric intake significantly. If you vegetarian or vegan, beans, tofu, and also seitan space all an excellent options.


Fibre is the vital to helping you feeling full, however it likewise helps your body cope with things choose saturated fat, cholesterol, and even some vitamins. The ideal thing to execute is begin incorporating fibre right into your diet.

Fruits room a wonderful source of dietary fibre and they’re the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth. Add fruits prefer apples, bananas, raspberries, and also even mango into your everyday routine.


These fruits can be eaten on their own or incorporated into smoothies because that a delicious breakfast treat the won’t leave you reaching for a snack a few hours later. Not sure where come start? I have actually a free 7 job meal arrangement that will assist you slim under your thighs in a healthy way!

It’s gluten, dairy and processed sugar cost-free and you can download it listed below :)


The crucial to keeping your legs lean and toned is exercise. But it’s no just any type of exercise program that will certainly help.

You need to pick a routine that targets her legs, hips, and also butt without making them bulk up. If did you do it tried common exercises at the gym, you’ve probably been disappointed v the results. Not sure where to start?

Here room a few great ideas:



Walking is the absolute best exercise for obtaining rid that fat on your thighs. It honestly works wonders! review this blog article to discover out why that so an excellent and how you can do it for the ideal results.

STICK come THE HIIT and also LOW soot ROUTINES

High strongness interval training (HIIT) routines are designed to gain your heart price pumping and boost your management for hrs after the workout is finished.

Low soot exercises are slower and greater rep, and focus on creating long, lean muscle. Here is an instance :)

These exercises aid you ton up her body without adding bulk, and also can assist get rid of cellulite. Lock will additionally give her legs a pretty smooth and toned look.

There room a the majority of HIIT exercises that can reason your legs to mass up and look bigger. Every one of my HIIT workouts are focused on not bulking up. Therefore if girlfriend don’t want your foot to acquire bigger, try out few of my HIIT workouts!


I recognize that women store fat on your thighs and that the is a trouble area that have the right to be really an overwhelming to change. So ns have developed the perfect workout program that will aid you remove fat on her thighs and also tone up her legs there is no making lock bigger.

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If this sounds favor the perfect workout regime for you, check out my 3 measures To skinny Legs Program.