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Wheres my money is a phrase supplied in the TV present Family Guy once Stewie beats increase Brian


The phrase originated in the household guy season 4 episode 20 "Ptriot"s Game". In the illustration Stewie i do not care a bookie and also takes a $50 gambling from Brian top top a Celebrity Boxing complement pitting Mike Tyson versus Carol Channing. Brian bets ~ above Tyson and also loses. Stewie pertains to collect, however Brian laughs him off and also tells that he will have actually the money in 24 hours. ~ 24 hours, Stewie asks because that the money owed although Brian states he does not have actually any and also to give him to next Friday. Stewie reveals the he is serious around settling the gambling and, on 2 occasions, savagely beats up Brian while saying "wheres my money"

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Astroworld employee Told to Report Dead Bodies as "Smurfs" Reignites fury On social Media following Travis Scott Concert
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