Naruto: The Worst things Sasuke ever before Did, Ranked Sasuke is a main character within the Naruto series, and also is a long time rival to Naruto himself. However, Sasuke was never ever the best guy.

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Sasuke is just one of the most well-known characters in anime, whether that\"s as result of the worldwide success of the Naruto series or the famous Choking Sasuke meme. Regardless, that has absolutely made a strong and lasting impression on pan throughout the series.

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Though he began out in a trusted rivalry v Naruto, Sasuke was gradually consumed through the darkness of his efforts to come to be a stronger ninja. Follow me the way, that did some pretty questionable things, intended or not. From having actually a major obsession v killing his brothers to involvement the dark side, below are ten that the worst things Sasuke has ever done.

in spite of their boil rivalry and continuous pettiness in the direction of one another, Sakura and also Ino supplied to be finest friends. In fact, Ino to be the one who conserved Sakura from gift bullied and also gave she confidence. Whatever changed, however, once Sasuke came into the picture.

When Sakura and Ino realized they to be both in love through Sasuke, they chose to finish their friendship and also instead end up being rivals to watch who could win end the boy. Though Sasuke himself did not carry out anything intentionally, his mere presence was solid enough to journey two finest friends apart.

after receiving a curse seal native Orochimaru in the woodland of Death, Sasuke displayed ruthless and also murderous will for the an initial time. His victim was Zaku of the Sound Village.

With the newfound power of the curse seal that he couldn\"t totally control, Sasuke damaged Zaku\"s eight in a solitary snap after finding out that he had hurt Sakura. In Sasuke\"s defense, the curse seal had a strong influence end him, for this reason he to be blinded v power and revenge. Yet that does not take away from the fact that Sasuke take it pleasure in an additional ninja\"s pain, to the point where he scared also his own allies.

though Sasuke\"s main priority together a ninja to be to kill his brother, he additionally made many bonds through those roughly him including Naruto and also Sakura. Yet somehow, his relationships always managed to rotate toxic after ~ a while.

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As a stubborn rival, Sasuke refuse to recognize Naruto was his friend for the longest time, and also they at some point blew up every others\" arms regardless of being \"friends\". Through Sakura, he married her only after insulting she on many occasions and also attacking her with the intent to kill. And who might forget his loving connection with his enlarge brother, which conveniently turned right into hatred after the killing of their clan.

7 that went off with Orochimaru

after ~ Orochimaru assassinated the 3rd Hokage, you\"d think Sasuke would never want to be connected with a murderer prefer that. However after he failed to damaged Itachi and also lost come Naruto, Sasuke establish he needed to end up being a lot stronger in stimulate to loss his brother and rival.

The only way he believed he could end up being stronger to be to join pressures with Orochimaru so he might enhance the power of his curse seal. This expected that that not only voluntarily chose to ally v a villain but also abandoned his friend and town in the process.

To take it his criminal record a action further, Sasuke and also his team, Taka, join up v the Akatsuki in capturing the jinchuriki. Despite Sasuke\"s raw emotions to be manipulated and taken advantage of by Tobi after ~ Itachi\"s death, joining a criminal organization was absolutely not his biggest decision ever.

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Perhaps the was simply to pay respect to his please brother, a previous Akatsuki member, however Sasuke\"s role within the company was short-lived and also insignificant. His one project was to capture Killer B, the Eight-Tails jinchuriki, and also he failed to do so.

5 he missed the whole point of Itachi\"s sacrifice

Itachi murdered his own clan, sparing just his small brother, in what looked favor a betrayal versus the village. For the reason, Sasuke invested the majority of his young life plot his revenge top top his brother and also even made it his mission to death him personally.

It wasn\"t till Itachi\"s death that Sasuke learned every one of his sins to be intended to safeguard his dear tiny brother. A vital part that Sasuke at first missed, however, was the Itachi wanted his tiny brother to come to be a hero who protected Konohagakure. Sasuke instead did the opposite and made the his new mission to damage the village that Itachi sacrificed himself to protect.

even though Sasuke exit Team 7 when he left Konohagakure, the inevitably created a brand-new team that comrades he can trust. Together the founder and also leader that Taka, Sasuke recruited Suigetsu, Jugo, and Karin to assist him obtain the revenge the sought.

In particular, Karin was really loyal to and infatuated v Sasuke. Yet that go not matter to Sasuke in his battle against Danzo. Once Danzo recorded Karin and also held her hostage, he believed he had acquired the upper hand in the battle. Unfortunately for Danzo, Sasuke stabbed v both him and Karin there is no hesitation. He would\"ve also gone as far as killing Karin if Sakura hadn\"t stepped in.

3 He chose power over friendship

Ever due to the fact that his clan to be killed, Sasuke to be obsessed with the idea of becoming solid enough to kill his brother. Itachi said him the the an enig to coming to be stronger remained in the Mangekyo Sharingan, i beg your pardon Sasuke assumed he had to obtain through killing his best friend.

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Because the this, Sasuke had to do a decision that would certainly forever readjust the direction the his life. He could\"ve continued to be with his friends, Naruto and also Sakura, and found a much more legitimate way to end up being stronger. But instead, that chose the darker path and resorted to violence and also murder to meet his greed for an ext power. In act so, that attempted to death his closest friend on lot of occasions.

uneven Naruto whose dream was to come to be Hokage because the start of the series, Sasuke\"s motives shifted indigenous one goal to another until he lastly snapped and also declared his shocking desire to end up being Hokage.

After associating himself through the likes the Orochimaru and also the Akatsuki, Sasuke came to be one of Konohagakure\"s greatest opponents who did no truly deserve to it is in forgiven. Despite this, he was crazy enough to think he could end up being the well-respected Hokage that the same town he tried come destroy. Anyone hoped he to be joking, however he was entirely serious!

1 that didn\"t acknowledge his own daughter

After gift a power-obsessed ninja who abandoned his friends and village, he ended up being a devastating father that abandoned his family. While that does treatment for Sakura and Sarada, it\"s noticeable that that prioritizes his project as a ninja over his duties as a father.

Sarada to be so deprived that a father figure in her childhood that she began questioning how legitimate Sasuke\"s love to be for her and also Sakura. In bespeak to acquire some answers, Sarada had to take initiative and find her father who she proper knew noþeles about. However once she uncovered him, she walk not obtain the happy reunion she was expecting. Instead, Sasuke completely failed to acknowledge Sarada together his daughter and nearly struck her as soon as he wrongly assumed she was an enemy.

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