over at Crunk Feminist Collective, Brittney Cooper enters into a completely enjoyable ontological discussion of the unit volume crunk and turn up. Rotate up, in instance you didn’t know, is slang the children use this days, a verb definition get loose, acquire wild, etc. (No, it’s cool, I had to Urban dictionary it.) She theorizes:

Turn up is both a moment and also a call, both a verb and also a noun. It is both anticipatory and also complete. The is thricely incantation, invitation, and also inculcation. Come Live. Come Move. To have –as in to possess– one’s being. The turn up is process, posture, and also performance — together in as soon as 2Chainz states “I go in, climate I revolve up” or Soulja young says, “Hop up in the morning, revolve my swag on.” however it holds within it the potential for authenticity beyond the merely performative. That points to an different register the expression, that turns up to be the most authentic register, due to the fact that it is that we be, once we space being for ourselves and also for us, and also not for nobody else, especially them.

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As a an outcome of the must turn up, to be unapologetically, accuracy ourselves, once Lil Jon asks us “turn under for what?” in his chart-topping single “Turn under for What” featuring DJ Snake, Cooper posits that “Lil Jon’s inquiry ‘turn under for what,’ then, i do not care an existential question of the greatest order.”Turn up, come be? that’s a many pressure! Philosophically, once someone concerns the YOLO-esque rally cry “Turn down for what?” the listener is obligated come bellow back “NOTHING.” practically speaking, though, there room plenty of points for i m sorry one would revolve down. The next time someone wants you to obtain turnt up, right here are a few socially acceptable responses to the existential question of “turn under for what?” 1. The l train isn’t running.

2. It’s 9 p.m. And also I take it my pants off already.

3. Ns literally just ordered a pizza.

4. I simply ate too much pizza.

5. Ns listened to every one of Beyoncé’s sad songs.

6. Ns accidentally currently got too drunk while waiting for girlfriend to decision to rotate up.

7. I’ve to be turnt up because that the past three days, where have you been?

8. I think I’m obtaining a UTI.

9. Hair looks weird.

10. The raining.

11. That snowing.

12. The pretty hot.

13. My great jeans room in the dryer.

14. Derrrr. Muggggh. Blech.

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