TREY Songz, who has become caught up in a sex-tape scandal, is most recognised because that his singing and also rapping abilities.

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But the 36-year-old, whose genuine name is Tremaine Aldon Neverson, additionally has an interesting collection of tattoos.

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Trey songs has actually a number of tattoos

An alleged sex ice of the R&B artist has reportedly surfaced online.

According to reports, a nude video of Songz has actually leaked online, but there is no confirmation the it is in fact Trigga, as he is also known, together the man’s face is no shown.

What room Trey Songz’s tattoos?

Cross tattoo

The first tattoo Trey gained was the a cross on his upper appropriate arm.

It has the attributes the indigenous “only God deserve to judge me”, influenced by Tupac, who has a tattoo speak the exact same thing.

Trey claims he was simply 16 or 17 as soon as he had this done.

In an interview through GQ he said: “I knew that if I had a cross my mom could only be yet so mad.”

Prayer tattoo

Trey hails the tattoo ~ above the left side of his chest together his “favourite”.

The creating is a prayer which the penned himself, and it reads: “To God ns pray may April’s showers rain on her Forrest and also grow the toughness that started with one Rose.”

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Trey has a poem he wrote inked top top his chest

April is is mother’s name, Forrest is his brother’s name, and Rose is the naem the his grandmother.

The poem way that he really hopes his younger brother will certainly be raised as strong as his grandmother, Rose, increased his mom to be

Trey together a kid and “April’s boy”

On his left forearm, Trey has actually a relenten of himself together a child which he gained at the age of 18.

The tattoo is of a tiny boy put on a cap and also diaper, sit on height of the world.

Trey told GQ: “I’m sitting on optimal of the world since I had these big dreams because that myself, I always felt prefer I would accomplish good things.”

Above that, it claims “April’s boy”, i beg your pardon is in reality the name of one of his companies.

Storm tattoo

Also on his left arm Trey has actually a tattoo the a storm, which features a tornado and also the sun shining in ~ the end of it.

“It type of means that if you deserve to make it with the storm, the sun will shine,” he said.

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Trey has a tornado tattooed ~ above his right arm

Initials with infinity sign

On Trey’s right wrist he has actually the letter “T” and also “H” in addition to an infinity sign.

Trey actually gained this done as soon as he was through his ex-girlfriend.

He called GQ: “I haven’t extended it up however so ns guess that method something within itself.

“In order come cover it increase it will need to mean something more powerful than the love the we shared at that moment.”

Angels tattoos

According to Trey, the 2 angels he acquired tattooed ~ above his ago in 2008 are “the most recognisable to his fans”.

He added: “Every time i left the residence my grandmother would certainly say ‘watch her back’, and because of that I acquired angels on my back.

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“Their wings are type of weathering from fighting off so many storms.”

Initials tattoo

On the right side that Trey’s chest appears to it is in a sign – but its in reality the initials the the vital women in his life combined.