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Writhe wound its way to English from the Old English verb wrīthan ("to twist") and is akin to the Old English verb wrigian ("to rotate or go"). Wrigian gave us our words wriggle, awry, and also wry. once something wriggles it twists from side to side with quick movements, like an earthworm. As soon as something go awry, its twists or winds turn off course, or toward catastrophe. Wry can mean "bent or twisted" yet now usually means clever, ironic humor. Nowadays, writhe often suggests the physical contortions one makes as soon as enduring crippling ache or as soon as trying come extract oneself indigenous a tight grasp (as an animal from a predator"s claws). Alternatively, it have the right to imply one emotionally wrenching feeling (as of grief or fear) indigenous which one seeks relief.

Recent examples on the web one awkward quiet descends as the women writhe through the air. — David Howard, Popular Mechanics, 30 Oct. 2020 That emotion — that a writhing text, something almost escaping its very own language — ended up being inspiration for Tropos, a quintet that young improvisers and also composers who first met as students at new England Conservatory. — Jon Pareles, New York Times, 15 might 2020 top top the far finish of the facility, susceptible on a maintain table, was a player writhing in pain, with a towel end his head, obscuring his face. — Dallas News, 31 Jan. 2020 photos from the scene confirmed several firetrucks and an ext than a dozen ambulances bordering the bad damaged structure, i m sorry was completely blackened and writhed on one side. — NBC News, 29 Apr. 2020 Villeneuve is taken into consideration the sprawling desert facility’s many technical course — a writhing snake’s swarm of kinks, double-apex turns and also long sweepers. — cleveland, 7 Mar. 2020 same worrisome are the implications of together a relocate along the border, specifically in terms of wellness care, with communities of asylum-seekers already writhing under the weight of overcrowding and poor toilet conditions. — Miriam Jordan,, 22 Mar. 2020 The 4th King of Hell’’ sit in judgement over souls that the dead who writhe in a basin of boil water, is component of a collection of 10, nine of i beg your pardon had currently been acquired by various other museums. — Steven Litt, cleveland, 22 Dec. 2019 whereby tires had actually worn the ice under to the black asphalt, the wind the the happen cars to be blowing eye in writhing snakes that the headlights caught, making lock glow. — Lauren Groff, The Atlantic, 14 Jan. 2020

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History and also Etymology because that writhe

middle English, from Old English wrīthan; akin come Old norseman rītha to twist