The Red Fern seemed to persist in my searches, showing up throughout history and varying countries in legends and mythological stories and also rituals. Here are few of the various ones which ns found.

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Eared Lady Fern in May
Mythology the the Red Fern:
Slavic heritage dictates that couples wishing to be married would certainly go the end to the woods trying to find a fern flower, which was only supposed to bloom at night, which allowed them to engage in sexual tasks and end up being married. The secret fern flower came to be a powerful symbol of fertility and couples wishing come have youngsters sought the flower in order to have better odds at reproduction. The fern flower itself became a euphemism because that sex.In Wilson Rawls" novel whereby the Red Fern Grows, Billy finds a red fern growing amid the graves of his two beloved animals. When Old Dan and little Ann tree a hill lion, Billy do the efforts to conserve his dogs with a hatchet, only to have to be rescued through the two. Old Dan die of the mountain lion"s inflicted injuries and small Ann die of teen from losing her companion. After seeing the red fern growing on the graves Billy remembers that the plant is a price of eternity, planted by an angel, which will never die.

A indigenous American legend speak of a young boy and girl who are shed in a blizzard. When the spring comes, they are uncovered frozen with each other holding hands. Between them there is a red fern growing, symbolizing the eternity of their friendship. The location in i m sorry the fern grew from then on was taken into consideration sacred ground.In one more myth the unknown beginning a fern only blooms throughout the summer solstice. A person who comes throughout the fern flower was claimed to be endowed with fantastic gifts together as good wealth, luck, and the capacity to analyze the speech of animals.In a Hawaiian legend, Kamapuau, the god that rainfall and particular aspects that nature had actually a tempestuous love affair with Pele, the goddess the volcanoes and eruptions.

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At one point, Kamapuau check to capture Pele while she was inside one of the volcanoes by building a huge house over the opened of the volcano. The home was built entirely the ferns, which walk not organize Pele inside.