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The combining form matri- is offered like a prefix definition “mother.” that is supplied in a range of everyday and scientific terms, particularly in anthropology.

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The form matri- originates from Latin māter, an interpretation “mother.” words matrix, which has various meanings, including “womb,” originates from this very same Latin root, together does matron, “a married woman.”

The “father” counterpart to matri- is patri-. check out our Words that Use post for patri- to discover more.

The Greek cognate of Latin māter is mḗtēr, also meaning “mother,” i beg your pardon is the resource of indigenous such as metropolis, a term the literally method “mother city.” find out much more at ours entries for matrix, matron, and also metropolis.

What space variants the matri-?

When linked with native or word elements that begin with a vowel, matri- i do not care matr-, together in matral. an additional rare variant of matri- is matro-, as in matrocliny. desire to recognize more? review our Words the Use short articles for each of these forms.

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Examples of matri-

An example of a word girlfriend may have actually encountered that attributes matri- is matrilineal, “inheriting or identify descent with the mrs line.”

We understand matri- way “mother,” while the -lineal part refers to “line,” indigenous Latin līneālis. Matrilineal literally converts to “mother’s line.”

What are some words that usage the combining type matri-?

What space some other develops that matri- may be commonly confused with?

Not every indigenous that begins with the specific letters matri- or matr-, such as matrass or matriculate, is necessarily utilizing the combining form matri- to denote “mother.” discover why matriculate means “to enroll” at our entry for the word.

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The combining kind -archy means “rule” or “government.” v this in mind, what is a matriarchy?

How to use matri- in a sentence

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combining form
mother or motherhoodmatriarchy

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from Latin māter mother


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