Dara, Daire, Darragh., Darah, Darda, Dareen, Daria, Darian, Darice, Darissa, Darra, Darragh, Darrah and Darya.

Dara surname was top ranked at 870 position in American during year 1956and many recently ranked in ~ 392 position in American throughout year 2012

Name Dara has actually been Popular throughout the last hundred plus years and ranked in ~ 2247 position. 12071 number of world were named Dara so far in critical 100 years. (SSA)

Personality No.4.People with name Dara love to work & choose orderliness. They are loyal, realistic & materialistic but sometimes they may be rude. Human being with Dara having 4 together Personality number space adamant & indulge only in time-tested values. They space determined, energetic, reliable & scientific. Lock are careful & hypersensitive.More Numerology

Dara is also the name of a male doll, and also Dara and also Sara are marketed as "Iran"s Islamic different to Ken and also Barbie"

Dara is a surname with more than one origin. That is found in the Bible"s Old Testament books of Chronicles. Dara to be a biblical descendant of Judah recognized for his wisdom.

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In Hebrew it way "pearl the wisdom" or "wisdom and also compassion".In Aramaic it means "pearl", "father-of-pearl" or "marble".

In Persian Dara way "wealthy" and is a boy"s name.In Indonesian, Dara way "girl", "young woman", or "virgin".

Character analysis of Dara :Persons with the name Dara feeling compelled come build strong foundations for themselves and also those roughly them, particularly family.

Love Life the Dara :Persons room attracted by the weird things, unusual, quirky also want their sex life to it is in so.

D : Persons space grounded and also pragmaticA : Persons are their very own person: ambitious and also freethinkingR : persons feel points strongly and their rich, extreme inner life emanates outwardA : Persons are their own person: ambitious and also freethinking


Acoording come vedic astrology , Rashi for the surname Dara isKarkand Moon sign connected with the name Dara is Cancer.

The name Dara has Water element. Moon is the Ruling earth for the name Dara. The name Dara having actually moon authorize as Cancer is represented by The Crab and also considered together Cardinal .

Normally, people with the name Dara room usually established toward their goals. Castle are likewise imaginative and also have a good memory.

Other surname options, having actually Cancer moon authorize are name beginning with :Ha, Hi, Hu, He, Ho, Da, De, Di, Du, Do, Hr.


The name Dara is suitable for baby born in Pushya nakshatra

Pushya Nakshatra: "The nourisher", additionally known as sidhya or tiṣya

Lord: Shani (Saturn) Symbol : Cow"s udder, lotus, arrow and circle Deity : Bṛhaspati, priest of the gods Indian zodiac: 3°20" -16°40" Karka west zodiac 29°20" Cancer - 12°40" Leo
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When babies room born, they can swim naturally. Babies likewise have the ability to host their breath for a while. Unfortunately, they lose the ability of hold breath as soon as they start cultivation up.

Performing the me - awareness check of the infant is rather simple. If you put a red period on the baby’s forehead and show the the mirror, notice what the does. If they rub the dot, they are aware, rather not.

Although babies space able to feeling the smell and also voice of your mother, however they are not able to make the end the difference between their and also mother and also other adults rather quickly, this take away time.

The proportion of birth mark among babies is very high i.e. One infant born the end of every 3 babies have actually a birth mark present on your body. Baby girls have more probability of bear marks than baby boys.

When new born babies room born, their hearing strength is not finish i.e. 100%. The center ear the the infant is filled with liquid which makes just partial hearing possible. Also, they space able quickly able to acknowledge the voice of your mother.


This is certainly the most vital factor. As soon as you to speak the surname aloud walk it have actually a satisfaction sound? pick a name and also say it repeatedly. Speak to it the end loud and also see if that appeals come you and also your spouse. Also, speak to out the an initial name along with your critical name.

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