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The summary of the room that Crooks inhabits in Of Mice and also Men suggests that that is a male of some education and higher level thinking, that is relatively organized, and also he has personal pride. His room is both workroom and also living quarters, a place where he has actually lived in...

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The description of the room the Crooks inhabits in Of Mice and Men indicates the he is a man of some education and greater level thinking, he is relatively organized, and he has an individual pride. His room is both workroom and also living quarters, a ar where he has lived in isolation for some time.

It is noticeable that Crooks, marginalized since he is an African-American, creates his own little world in his quarters. He has actually several pairs of shoes and also rubber boots, books, a dictionary, and also a worn copy that the California civil code for 1905, which he has obviously studied. Close to the books are a large pair the gold-rimmed glasses. There is likewise an apple box of wood over his makeshift bed the straw that accommodates his toiletries and medications, which space both because that him and the mules and horses, in addition to saddle soap and a drippy have the right to of tar. Scattered top top the floor are a variety of other an individual possessions, an indication the no one rather enters this room because these things have not been disturbed.

This room was brushed up and reasonably neat, because that Crooks to be a proud, aloof man. He kept his distance and demanded the other world keep theirs. His body was bent over to the left by his crooked spine, and also his eye lay deep in his head.

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From the objects in his room, it is evident that Crooks has been ~ above the ranch because that years due to the fact that he own many more things 보다 the bindle stiffs do. Crooks is likewise alone a great deal because the various other workers room boarded in the bunkhouse. While he must suffer from his back injury as the liniments attest, he likewise spends time reading. Further, the tries to boost himself intellectually because he own a dictionary. Together a segregated man, Crooks researches the California civil password to be certain of his rights. For personal enjoyment, he has some lewd books and magazines above his bed. Yet, for every his possessions, Crooks"s room is a lonely place.