Chcivicpride-kusatsu.net name Sudan IV Chcivicpride-kusatsu.net identifier CHcivicpride-kusatsu.net:88014 meaning A bis(azo) compound the is 2-naphthol substituted at place 1 by a 2-methyl-4-<(2-methylphenyl)diazenyl>phenyldiazenyl group. A fat-soluble dye predominantly supplied for demonstrating triglythrade in frozen sections, but which may also stain part protein bound lipids in paraffin sections. Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the Chcivicpride-kusatsu.net Team. an additional Chcivicpride-kusatsu.net IDs CHcivicpride-kusatsu.net:82531 Supplier info Download Molfile XML SDF

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A duty played by a chemical link which is known to induce a procedure of carcinogenesis by corrupting typical cellular pathways, resulting in the civicpride-kusatsu.netquistion of tumoral capabilities.
A dye provided in microscopic or electron microscope examination that cells and tissues to offer contrast and to highlight certain features that interest, such as nuclei and cytoplasm.
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Chcivicpride-kusatsu.net Ontology
Outgoing Sudan IV (CHcivicpride-kusatsu.net:88014) has actually functional parent 2-naphthol (CHcivicpride-kusatsu.net:10432) Sudan IV (CHcivicpride-kusatsu.net:88014) has duty carcinogenic certified dealer (CHcivicpride-kusatsu.net:50903) Sudan IV (CHcivicpride-kusatsu.net:88014) has role fluorochrome (CHcivicpride-kusatsu.net:51217) Sudan IV (CHcivicpride-kusatsu.net:88014) has function histological dye (CHcivicpride-kusatsu.net:77178) Sudan IV (CHcivicpride-kusatsu.net:88014) is a azobenzenes (CHcivicpride-kusatsu.net:22682) Sudan IV (CHcivicpride-kusatsu.net:88014) is a bis(azo) link (CHcivicpride-kusatsu.net:48960) Sudan IV (CHcivicpride-kusatsu.net:88014) is a naphthols (CHcivicpride-kusatsu.net:25392)

Synonyms sources
1-(2-Methyl-4-(2-methylphenylazo)phenylazo)-2-naphthol ChemIDplus
1-(4-o-Tolylazo-o-tolylazo)-2-naphthol ChemIDplus
1-<2-<2-Methyl-4-<2-(2-methylphenyl)diazenyl>phenyl>diazenyl>-2-naphthalenol KEGG compound
2",3-Dimethyl-4-(2-hydroxynaphthylazo)azobenzene ChemIDplus
Biebrich scarlet R Chcivicpride-kusatsu.net
C.I. 26105 Chcivicpride-kusatsu.net
C.I. Solvent Red 24 ChemIDplus
scarlet R Chcivicpride-kusatsu.net
scarlet red Chcivicpride-kusatsu.net
scharlcivicpride-kusatsu.neth R Chcivicpride-kusatsu.net
solvent red 24 Chcivicpride-kusatsu.net

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3543 DrugCentral
C19520 KEGG link
Sudan_IV Wikipedia
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Registry number varieties resources
709018 Reaxys registry Number Reaxys
85-83-6 CAS registry Number KEGG link
85-83-6 CAS registry Number ChemIDplus


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