Voila! Finally, the Lilo and also Stitch script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Disney movie. This manuscript is a transcript the was painstakingly transcribed making use of the screenplay and/or viewings the Lilo and Stitch. Ns know, i know, i still require to gain the cast names in there and also I"ll be eternally tweaking it, therefore if friend have any type of corrections, feel complimentary todrop me a line. You won"t hurt my feelings. Honest.

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Lilo and also Stitch Script

check out the charges. Dr. Jumba Jookiba-- lead scientist ofGalaxy Defense Industries-- girlfriend stand before this the supervisory board accused that illegalgenetic experimentation. Exactly how do girlfriend plead? not guilty! my experimentsare just theoretical-- completelywithin legit boundaries. We think you actuallycreated something. Created something?! Ha! yet that would certainly be irresponsibleand unethical. I would certainly never, ever... Make much more than one. What is that monstrosity? Monstrosity! What girlfriend see prior to youis the very first of a new species. I call it Experiment - - . That is bulletproof, fireproof and also can think fasterthan supercomputer. He deserve to see in the dark and also move objects times his size. His just instinct: to destroyeverything he touches! So, it is a monster. Hey, just a little one. The is one affront to nature. It have to be destroyed! calm yourself, Captain Gantu. Possibly it deserve to be reasoned with. Experiment - - provide us some sign you understandany the this. Show us that there is somethinginside you that is good. Hmm? Meega, nala kweesta! therefore naughty! i didn"t teach it that. Ar that you are fool scientistunder arrest! I favor to it is in calledevil genius! and also as for that abomination... The is the failure productof a deranged mind. It has actually no place amongst us. Captain Gantu, take him away. With pleasure. Hmm. Uncomfortable? Oh... Good! The council has actually banished youto exile top top a desert asteroid. So, relax... Enjoy the trip and don"t get any kind of ideas. These firearms are lockedonto your genetic signature. Castle won"t shooting anyone however you. Ow! Why, you...! might I remind the captainthat he is on duty. Certain the cell! Aye, Captain. Captain ~ above deck. All ahead full. Do... Walk this, uh,look infected to you? Oh! Quiet, you. Gunfire in the cell bay! open up a channel. He"s loose on Deck C! Red alert.Seal turn off the deck! Security,converge ~ above door seven! Deadly pressure authorized. Fire top top sight! there he is! defense to Bridge. It"s in the ventilation system. He"s headed for the power... Grid. What to be that? ns don"t think he"son the delivery anymore. Confirmed.He"s taken a police cruiser. Yeah... He took the red one. Yee-haw! Hmm?! That"s it! We obtained it.We gained it! Hyperdrive activated. Device charging. He"s engaged his H-drive! Warning--guidance is no functional. Quest Commander that crazy trog isabout to make a jump! rest formation!Get clear of the ship! navigating failure. Carry out not interact hyper... Obtain me Galactic Control. Wherein is he?! He"s still in hyperspace. Where will the exit? Calculating now-- quadrant section - - area . A world called... Ee-arth. I desire an expert on this planetin right here now! What is that? Water. Most of the planetis extended in it. That won"t make it through in water. His molecule densityis also great. No... Of course. Exactly how much time perform we have? We have projected his landingat three hours, minutes. Oh, we need to gas the planet. Organize it! organize everything! planet is a protectedwildlife preserve. Yeah. We"ve been using it to rebuildthe mosquito populace which, need I repeat you,is an intimidated species! Am i to assumeyou are the expert? Oh, ns don"t know about expert. Agent Pleakley at her service. Have the right to we no simplydestroy the island? No! Crazyhead! The mosquito"s food the choice,primitive humanoid life forms have coloniesall over the planet. Room they intelligent? No, however they"re very delicate. In fact, every time one asteroidstrikes their planet they have actually to begin lifeall over. It"s fascinating, isn"t it? through this,I"ve been able to study... What if our armed forces forcesjust landing there? Well, that"d it is in a negative idea! These are extremelysimple creatures, miss. Landing over there would create massmayhem and also planet-wide panic! A quiet capture would requirean knowledge of - - the we do not possess! Who, then, Mr. Pleakley, wouldyou send for his extraction? go he have actually a brother? near grandmother, perhaps? familiar cousin? Neighbor through a beard? He got away? I"m certain this comesas no surprise to you. Ns designed this creaturefor to be unstoppable. I beg your pardon is specifically why youmust now lug him back. What? Me? and to reward you we space willing come tradeyour freedom for his capture. - - will not come easily. Maybe direct hitfrom plasma cannon might stun the long sufficient to... Plasma cannon granted. Carry out we have a bargain, Dr. Jumba? B-B-But it"s a delicate planet! Who"s going to manage him? friend will. Really good, your Highness. I... Ns didn"t quite... Uh, you"re notjoking! So, phone call me,my tiny one-eyed one ~ above what poor, pitiful,defenseless planet has my monstrositybeen unleashed? Mahalo nui ia Ke Ali iwahine O Lili ulani O ka Wohi ku Ka pipio roof o ke anuenue Na waihooluu a halikeole E nana na makai ke ao malama mai Hawaii akea i Kauai... O Kal"kaua he inoa O Ka pua mae ole ns ka I" Ka pua maila ns ka mauna ns ke kuahiwi o Mauna Kea Ke "maila ns K"lauea M"lamalama i Wahinekapu A ka luna o Uw"kahuna i ka pali kapu o Ka auea Ea mai ke ali ns kia manu Ua wehi ns ka hulu o ka mamo Ka pua nani a o Hawai i O Kal"kaua he inoa O Kal"kaua he inoa Ka pua mae ole i ka I" Ka pua maila i ka mauna i ke kuahiwi o Mauna Kea Ke "maila ns K"lauea... One, two, three, four... ...M"lamalama iWahinekapu... Ay-yi-yi. ...A ka luna o Uw"kahuna ns ka pali kapu o Ka auea Mahalo nui ia Ke Ali iwahine O Lili ulani O ka Wohi ku... Ea roof ke ali ns kia manu Ua wehi ns ka hulu o ka mamo Ka pua nani a o Hawai ns O Kal"kaua he inoa... He Inoa No Kalani KalakauaKulele. -Whoa!-Whoa! Stop. Stop. Lilo, why are you all wet? It"s sandwich day. Every Thursday,I take Pudge the fish a peanut butter sandwich. Pudge is a fish? and also today us were outof peanut butter! So i asked my sisterwhat to offer him and also she said a tuna sandwich. Ns can"t offer Pudge tuna! execute you understand what tuna is? Fish? It"s fish! If I provided Pudge tuna,I"d it is in an abomination! I"m so late becauseI had to go to the store and get peanut butter "cause all we haveis-is stinkin" tuna! Lilo, Lilo, why isthis therefore important? Pudge controls the weather. You"re crazy. Please! Please! Everybody patience down! Girls... Shh. Lilo... I"m sorry! I"m sorry! ns won"t do it again! probably we should callyour sister. No! I"ll it is in good! I want to dance. I practiced. I just want come dance. Ns practiced. Ooh, she little bit me. Eww! I called your sister. She claimed to wait because that herhere ~ above the porch. We"ll shot again ~ above Sunday. Walk this watch infectedto you? Yeah. You far better not have actually rabies. If you have actually rabies the dogcatcher isgoing to have to cut... Are you going come play dolls? friend don"t have actually a doll. This is Scrump. I made her,but her head is too big. So ns pretend a bug laid eggsin her ears, and she"s upset due to the fact that she just hasa couple of more work to... Lilo! Lilo? Lilo? Oh, no. You much better be home. Hey! Watch whereby you"re going! Stupidhead! I found a brand-new place come dwell... Oh, Lilo! Lilo! open up the door, Lilo! walk away. ...You make me therefore lonely,baby... Lilo? we don"t have time because that this. ...I get so lonely... Leave me alone come die. Come on, Lilo that social worker"s goingto be here any type of minute! ...You still deserve to findsome room for brokenhearted loversto cry away your gloom Don"t do me for this reason lonely, infant Don"t do me so lonely I acquire so lonely I can die... The bellhop"s tearskeep flowin"... You are so finishedwhen I get in there! Well, they been so longon Lonely Street they ain"t evergonna look back... Oh, I"m walk to ingredient youin the blender push puree,then roasted you right into a pie and also feed itto the society worker! and when that says,Mmm, this is great. What"s her secret?I"m going come say... Love... And also nurturing. Hi. Uh... You should be the, uh... The stupidhead. Oh! Oh... Oh, you know,I"m yes, really sorry around that and also if I"d well-known who girlfriend were,of food I never ever would"ve... Uh... I deserve to pay for that. It"s a rental. Are you the guardianin question? Yes. I"m Nani. Pretty to meet you, Mister...? Bubbles. Mr. Bubbles. That"s a strange... Yes, i know. Space you goingto invite me in, Nani? Uh... I thought we couldsit out here and talk. I don"t think so. Right. Uh... ...It"s constantly crowded... This way. ...You tho can discover some room because that brokenhearted loversto cry away your gloom You do me therefore lonely, baby... Uh... Wait here. Hey! So... Lemonade? do you oftenleave your sister home alone? No. Never. Well, except forjust now. Uh, I had actually to runto the keep to acquire some... Oh! you left the range onwhile you to be out? low heat! just a simmer. Mmm! It"s coming follow me great. I found that this morning. Lilo! over there you are. Honeyface... This is Mr. Bubbles. Pretty to accomplish you. Her knuckles speak Cobra. Cobra Bubbles. Friend don"t look at likea society worker. I"m a unique classification. Go you ever kill anyone? We"re obtaining off the subject. Let"s talk about you. Space you happy? I"m adjusted. Ns eat four food groups and look both waysbefore crossing the street and take long naps,and acquire disciplined. Disciplined? Yeah.She techniques me actual good. Sometimes 5 times a day. -With bricks.-No... Bricks? Uh-huh, in a pillowcase. Okay! That"s enough sugarfor you. Why don"t you operation along,you tiny cutie. The other social workersjust believed she was a scream. Thirsty? allow me illuminate to youthe precarious case in which you havefound yourself. I am the one they callwhen things go wrong and things haveindeed gone wrong. Mine friends must be punished. Call me next timeyou"re left here alone. Yep. In situation you"re wondering,this did not go well. You have three daysto adjust my mind. -Blah.-Eww! Lilo! Why didn"t you waitat the school? You to be supposedto wait there! Lilo! carry out you no understand?Do you desire to be taken away? price me! No! No, you don"t understand? No! No, what? No! You"re such a pain! so why don"t you offer meand buy a hare instead?! At least a rabbit would certainly behavebetter 보다 you! walk ahead!Then you"ll it is in happy since it"ll it is in smarterthan me, too! and also quieter! You"ll favor it,"cause it"s stinky, choose you! go to your room! I"m currently in mine room! Hey. I carried you some pizza,in case you to be hungry. We"re a damaged family,aren"t we? No. Maybe, a little. Maybe a lot. I shouldn"t have actually yelled at you. We"re sisters. It"s ourjob. Yeah, well, from currently on... I like you far better as a sisterthan a mom. Yeah? and also you like me betteras a sister 보다 a rabbit, right? Oh... Oh, oh, oh, oh. Yes. Yes, i do. I hit Mertle Edmonds today. Girlfriend hit her? prior to I bit her. You bit her. Lilo, girlfriend shouldn"t... People treat me different. They simply don"t knowwhat to say. I"ll tell you what. If girlfriend promisenot come fight anymore i promise no to yell at you,except on special occasions. Tuesdays and bankholidays would be good. Yeah? would that it is in good? Oh! my camera"s complete again. Aren"t they beautiful? A falling star! I call it! get out! acquire out! I need to make a wish! Can"t girlfriend go any faster? Oh, no!Gravity is increasing on me. No, it"s not! it is, too, Lilo. The same thinghappened yesterday. Friend rotten sister!Your butt is crushing me! Why do you plot so weird?! It"s me again. I need someoneto be my friend... Someone that won"t run away. Maybe send me one angel... The nicest point of view you have. What we when hit? over there it is. It remain jammed under the fender. We far better call somebody. We"re searching for somethingthat can safeguard itself... Something that won"t die... Miscellaneous sturdy, you know? choose a lobster. Lilo, you lolo. Do we have a lobster door? No. We have actually a dog door. We are gaining a dog. So niceto watch your pretty face again! Jumba? We need your name and also addressat the bottom the the form... The kennel"s earlier this way. Go. Pick someone out. Hello? Hello?! space there any type of aminals in here? Hello! Hi. Hoh... Ha... Hi... Wow! Oh, yes. Mm-hmm. All of our dogs space adoptable. Except that one! What is that thing?! A dog, i think. Yet it to be dead this morning. It was dead this morning?! Well, we believed it was dead.It was hit by a truck. I prefer him!Come here, boy. Oh! Aah! Wouldn"t girlfriend likea various dog? we have much better dogs, dear. Not much better than him. He deserve to talk! say hello. He... Hel... Dog can"t talk, dear. The did. Does it need to be this dog? Yes, he"s good. I can tell. You"ll need to think that a namefor him. His name is... Stitch. Now, that"s not a genuine name... Hmm. Uh-uh, uh-uh-uh. ...in Iceland...but here, it"s a good name. Stitch it is. And there"sa two dollar patent fee. I want to buy him! can I borrow 2 dollars? He"s all yours. You"re all mine. Well, what"s that doing? Shh! store quiet. He"s listening for us. How an excellent is his hearing? ns mean, deserve to he... Why don"t friend run? Coming! I"m coming! Stop! I have actually just determinedthis situation to be much too hazardous! Don"t worry,I won"t struggle her. No! the girl is a partof the mosquito food chain. Here! educate yourself. Using a little girlfor a shield. This is low, even for you! Whoo-hoo! Bah! Tear him apartwith every both my bare hands! have actually you lost your mind?! What is it, Stitch? we cannot be seen! bad dog, barking in ~ nothing! friend can"t shoot,and friend can"t it is in seen. Look at you! girlfriend look like a monster. We have to blend in. Okay, I obtained to acquire to work. Stick around town and stayout of the roads, okay? I"ll accomplish you in ~ : . Hmm? Oh! Ah! Okay, i guesswe have to be going. What about Stitch? mine friends! What do you want? I"m i m really sorry I little you and pulled your hair and also punched girlfriend in the face. Apology not accepted. Now obtain out of mine waybefore I run you over. I acquired a new dog.His name is Stitch. That is the ugliest thingI have ever saw. -Yeah.-Yeah. Eww! get it away from me! I"m gonna obtain a disease! Somebody perform something! Oh, great! He"s loose. His damaging programmingis acquisition effect. He will be irresistiblydrawn to large cities where he will back up sewers turning back street indications andsteal everyone"s left shoe. It"s nice to live on one islandwith no big cities. Are you okay? Doo-doo... Doo-doo... You have the right to shake one appleoff one apple tree Shake-a, shake-a, sugar,but you"ll never ever shake me -Uh-uh-uh-Doo-doo-doo No, siree, uh-uh... Uh-uh. ...Doo-doo-doo Doo-doo-doo I"m gonna stick like glue Stick due to the fact that I"m... Grounding on you I"m gonna run my fingers with your long, black hair... Hey, end here,little buddy. ...Squeeze girlfriend tighterthan a grizzly bear -Uh-uh-uh-Doo-doo-doo Yes, siree, uh-huh Doo-doo-doo,Doo-doo-doo I"m gonna stick choose glue Stick since I"m... Stuck on friend Hide in the kitchen Hide in the room Ain"t gonna execute you no goodat every "Cause when I record yaand the kissin" start A team o" wild horsescouldn"t tear us apart shot to take a tigerfrom his daddy"s side... As soon as you"re prepared to offer upjust let us know, heh? Whee! ...Uh-uh-uh... Yeah! This is you. This is her badness level. It"s unusually highfor someone her size. We need to fix that. Ay-yi-yi, Lilo! your dog can not sitat the table. Stitch is troubled.He requirements desserts. Oh, you didn"t even eatyour sweet potato. I believed you liked them. Desserts! David! I gained a brand-new dog. Oh! You certain it"s a dog? Uh-huh. He supplied to be a colliebefore he gained ran over. Yum! Hey... Blah! Eww! Howzit, Nani? go you record fire again? Nah, simply the stage. Listen, i was wondering if you"re notdoing something this... David, i told you, i can"t. I... I obtained a lot to deal withright now. I know. I simply figuredyou might need some time... Friend smell choose a lawn mower. Look, I acquired to go. The child at table three"sthrowing poi again. Perhaps some other time, okay? Don"t worry. She likes your buttand sophisticated hair. I know. I review her diary. She think it"s fancy? Blech! Oh! Mmm! Aha! watch what i find! acquire restraints! Right. Ow! take it that! Hurry! Uh, organize still just a... Aah! Hey, Nani! Is the your dog? Uh... Every is well. Please, go around your business.I"m okay. Oh, her head look at swollen. Actually, she"s simply ugly. Darling... He"s joking. Ugly-- look in ~ me... Uh, this is not working out. Uh, b-but... Mm-mm. Yeah? Well, who wants to workat this stupid... Fakey luau anyway. Come on, Lilo. Did you lose yourjobbecause that Stitch and also me? Nah. The manager"s a vampire and he want me come joinhis legion that the undead. Ns knew it. This is a great home. You"ll choose it a lot. See? Uh, Lilo... Comfy. -Hey!-Hey! What is the matter with you? Be careful of the little angel! It"s no an angel, Lilo. Ns don"t also think it"s a dog. We just have to take that back. He"s simply crankybecause it"s his bedtime. He"s creepy, Lilo. Ns won"t sleepwhile he"s loosened in the house. You"re loose in the houseall the time and I sleep simply fine! Hey, what space you doing? stop that, Stitch! Hey! Look at him, Lilo. He"s clear mutatedfrom something else. We have to take the back. He was an orphanand we embraced him! What about O"hana? the hasn"t been below that long. Neither have actually I.Dad stated O"hana way family. Huh? O"hana way family. Family members means... ...nobody it s okay left behind. Or...? Or forgotten. Ns know. Ns know. I hate itwhen you usage O"hana versus me. Mmm. Don"t worry, you can sleepright next to me. Look just how curious the puppy is. This is my room,and this is her bed. This is your dolly and bottle. See? Doesn"t spill. Ns filled it through coffee. Great puppy. Now acquire into bed. Hey! That"s mine! Down! Mmm! Be mindful of that! you don"t touch this! Don"t ever touch it! No! Don"t pull on she head! She"s recovering indigenous surgery. No! That"s from mine blue period. Mmm... There. Friend know, friend wreckeverything friend touch. Why not shot and make somethingfor a change? Ah! Wow. Mountain Francisco. Save me! Eek! No much more caffeine for you. This little girl is wastingher time. - - can not be teach to ignoreits disastrous programming. Ooh! push that over. What room you doing? Nothing! Uh, say, I want to shot it on. No! Share! allow me try it! Hey! Ow! You"re justjealous"cause I"m pretty! Don"t move. A mosquito has chosen meas her perch. She"s for this reason beautiful. Look, an additional one. And also another one!Why, it"s a entirety flock. And they favor me! They"re nuzzling mine fleshwith your noses. Currently they"re, um, they"re.... Ns think it could be a koala. An evil koala. Ns can"t also pet it. It keeps staring in ~ me,like it"s going to eat me. Hello? Nani? Hello? are you there? Now, this is interesting. What? - - was designedto be a monster but now he has nothingto destroy. You see, ns never provided hima better purpose. What must it be liketo have nothing... Not also memories to visit in the middle of the night? Nah! Hmm. Hmm... That"s the Ugly Duckling. See? He"s sadbecause he"s all alone and also nobody desires him but on this page,his family hears the crying and they uncover him. Then the Ugly Duckling is happy because he knowswhere the belongs. Hmm... Want to listen to the King? you look like an Elvis fan. Nani. Nani! Uh... Yeah? Look. Us can"t walk on together with suspicious minds... ...cious minds... ...can build our dreams... ...On suspiciously minds... Heard you shed yourjob. Well, uh, actually,I just quit thatjob because, girlfriend know,the hrs are just not conducive to the challengesof increasing a child... Hey! i am for this reason sorry around that. What is the thing? That"s my puppy. Really? therefore far, you have been adrift in the sheltered harborof mine patience yet I can not ignoreyou beingjobless. Do I do myself clear? Perfectly. And next time I view this dog I intend it come bea version citizen... Capisce? Uh... Yes? new job. Design citizen. Great day. Girlfriend look like an angel... Mrs. Hasagawa? I"m below to answeryour newspaper ad. Elvis Presley wasa design citizen. ...Walk prefer an angel... I"ve compiled a listof his traits for you to practice. Number one is dancing. I can"t talk now, dear. I"m waiting for someoneto answer my ad. That"s why I"m here. Hands on your hips. Currently follow mine lead. Ooh-hoo. ...You fooled mewith your kisses... Ah! That"s my want ad. I know! ...Heaven knowshow you lied to me You"re no the way... Whoa, whoa! Why is whatever so dark? ns am all about coffee. Let"s relocate on to step two. ...Walk favor an angel... Elvis played guitar. Here. ...Talk favor an angel... Organize it like this,and placed your finger here. See? now you try. ...and i make great cappuccinosand lattes with... I wish ns could, Nani,but I simply hired Teddy and with traveler seasonending... Concierge-er-ing is my life. ...You look like an angel... I simply love come answer phones... This is the face of romance. ...Walk favor an angel... She look at likeshe could use part lovin". ...Talk choose an angel,but I obtained wise... Oh, we can have something. Good. Currently kiss her. ...The devil in disguise... I"m certain Elvis hadhis bad days, too. I"m all around saving people? ...I thoughtthat I was in heaven... Actually, I perform thinkwe have an opening. Really? Okay, this is it. ...But ns was sure surprised... Time to bring it every together. Oh, that"d it is in so great! You have actually no ideahow badly I need this job. ...The devil in your eyes You"re the adversary in disguise... It"s every you! punch "em dead! ...The devil in disguise You"re the devil in disguise... Don"t crowd him! ...Oh, yes, you room The evil one in disguise... The devil in disguise,oh, yes... Hey, knock that off! Hey, Lilo! Howzit... Nani? We"ve been having a negative day. Hmm... Hey, I might not it is in a doctor yet I understand that there"sno better cure because that a sour face than a pair of boardsand some choice waves. What girlfriend think? i think that"s a great idea. -Aloha e, aloha e-Aloha e, aloha e -"Ano"ai ke aloha e-"Ano"ai ke aloha e -Aloha e, aloha e-Aloha e, aloha e "Ano"ai ke aloha e "Ano"ai ke aloha e... There"s no location I"d fairly be than on my surfboard the end at sea Lingering in the ocean blue and if I had actually one great come true I"d surf till the sunlight setsbeyond the horizon Awikiwiki, roof lohilohi Lawe mai i ko papa he"e nalu paris by on a Hawaiianroller coaster journey Awikiwiki, roof lohilohi Lawe mai i ko papa he"e nalu Pi"i na nalu, la lahalaha O ka moana, hanupanupa -Lalala i ka la hanahana-Whoo! -Me ke kai hoene i ka pu"e one-Whoo! Yeah! Helehele roof kakou e Hawaiian roller coaster journey There"s no place I"d fairly be than on a seashore dry, wet cost-free On golden sand is wherein I"d lay and also if i only had my way I"d play till the sunlight setsbeyond the horizon Lalala i ka la hanahana Me ke kai hoene ns ka pu"e one It"s time to try the Hawaiianroller coaster ride cave loose, hang ten,howzit, shower a shaka No worry, no fear,ain"t no biggy, brahda Cuttin" in, cuttin" up,cuttin" back, cuttin" the end Front side, back side,goofy-footed, wipe the end Let"s getjumpin",surf"s up and pumpin" Coastin" withthe activity of the s Whirlpools swirling,cascading, twirling Hawaiian roller coaster ride... Oh, can"t complain, Mom. I"m camping outwith a judge criminal and, uh... Oh, I had actually my headchewed on by a monster! Wait... Something is no right. - - is returningwillingly to water. Oh, host on, Mom--another call. Mr. Pleakley, you room overdue. I desire a standing report. Oh, uh, things are going well. He can not swim! Things are going well. Jumba, aren"t they going well? Why will he danger drowning? Jumba? Jumba, aid me out here. I would have expected you backby now, through - - in hand. Just a few things left come packand, uh, we"ll be... Hang up. We are going swimming. Huh? There"s no place I"d quite be than on mine surfboard out at sea Lingering in the s blue and if I had one great come true I"d surf till the sun setsbeyond the horizon Awikiwiki, roof lohilohi Lawe mai ns ko papa he"e nalu paris by on a Hawaiianroller coaster journey Awikiwiki, roof lohilohi Lawe mai i ko papa he"e nalu Pi"i na nalu, la lahalaha O ka moana, hanupanupa Lalala ns ka la hanahana -Me ke kai hoene ns ka pu"e one-Yeah! Helehele roof kakou e Hawaiian roller coaster ride. Lilo! What happened? Oh... Some lolo need to havestuffed united state in the barrel. Where"s Stitch? acquire off the her! What happened? Stitch dragged her down. We shed Stitch! Lilo? Lilo, look at me. Look in ~ me, baby.Are friend hurt? No. He"s unconscious,but i think he"s alive. David, take Lilo. This isn"t what that looks like. Us were... It-It"s simply that... I know you"re trying, Nani yet you need to thinkabout what"s ideal for Lilo... Even if it gets rid of youfrom the picture. I"ll be back tomorrow morningfor Lilo. I"m sorry. Nani? Is over there somethingI deserve to do? No, David. Uh, i needto take it Lilo residence now. We have actually a lot of to talk about,Lilo. Thanks. You know, i really believedthey had a chance. Then you come along. Lilo, honey... We have actually to, uh... Don"t worry. You"re nice, and also someonewill provide you a job. Ns would. Come here. Aloha Oe, Aloha Oe E ke onaona noho ns ka lipo One fond embrace, a ho"i a"e au till we fulfill again. That"s us before... It was rainy,and castle went for a drive. What happened to yours? ns hear you cry in ~ night. Perform you dream around them? I understand that"swhy you wreck things and also push me. Our family"s small nowand we don"t have countless toys but if friend want,you might be component of it. You could be ours babyand we"d raise girlfriend to it is in good. O"hana method family. Family method nobody getsleft behind yet if you want to leave,you can. I"ll mental you, though. Ns remember everyone that leaves. L... L... Lost. I"m lost. Help! i don"t like the ocean! Oh, look,a friendly tiny dolphin. They helped sailorsin the war... It"s a shark! It"s a shark,and it ain"t friendly! that looks choose a dolphin. Tricky fish! Tricky fish! Oh, octopus, come and assist me? one octo... Octopus is worsethan a shark! I hate this planet! Oh... Small monster! Uh, agent Pleakley here. I have actually lost patiencewith friend both. Have you caught - - or not? Um... Uh-uh... Consider yourselves firedand prisonbound. Your incompetence is nothingshort the unspeakable! But, uh... Mm... We"re fired! currently we do it mine way! her way? Oh... Uh, wait! It appears I have overestimatedJumber and also Blinkley. Uh, Jumba and Pleakley. Whatever. The missionis in jeopardy. This could be your possibility toredeem yourself, Captain Gantu. Exactly how soon will you it is in preparedto leave? Immediately. Don"t run. Don"t do me shoot you. You to be expensive. Yes. Yes, that"s it. Come quietly. Mm... Waiting. For what? Family. Ah! girlfriend don"t have actually one. I made you. Oh... Maybe I could... You"re developed to destroy. You can never belong. Now come quietlyand we will certainly take you apart. No, no, no, no,don"t, don"t run! Don"t run! Lilo. I didn"t hear you gain up. Baby, what"s wrong? Stitch left. Really? It"s good he"s gone. The didn"t desire to be here,anyway. Us don"t require him. Lilo... Sometimes you shot your hardest however things don"t occupational outthe means you desire them to. Periodically things have to adjust and probably sometimesthey"re for the better... Also if... Nani! David! ns think I discovered you a job. Friend what?! Old guy Kukhkini"s store,but we got to hurry. Oh, um, okay. Lilo? Baby, this is yes, really important. I require you to remain herefor a couple of minutes. I"m going to be best back. Lock the door and also don"tanswer it for anyone, okay? Things room finallyturning around. Aw, David, i owe you one. That"s okay. You deserve to just date me,and we"ll speak to it even. Come earlier here, you little...! Stitch? What is it? Shh! Oh, hidingbehind your little friend won"t work-related anymore. Didn"t ns tell you? We obtained fired this morning. Brand-new rules. Ha! Ooh. Oh, ooh! Ow! Ow! Ow! girlfriend ain"t nothin"but a hound dog... What space we going to do? ...Cryin" every the time... Ooh! ns love this song! Pliers. Screwdriver. Check. Come out, my girlfriend from whomeveryou"re hiding behind. ...Well, friend ain"t nevercaught a rabbit and you ain"t no friendof mine... What the...? Ooh! Come on! What"s the big deal? I"ll placed youback with each other again. I"ll do you tallerand not so fluffy! I prefer fluffy! No... No... No! Oh, leaving my motherout the this! You could do v a makeover. Ns triedto provide you my an excellent looks but let"s confront it,something went wrong. No! Quick! monitor me! If we make that to... You"re alive! They"re all over the place! to run away? Here... Let me prevent you. You constantly getin the street! Where"s the girl? What have actually you doneto the girl? Hello? Cobra Bubbles? Aliens space attacking mine house. No, no, no!No aliens! Blue punch buggy! No beat back. They desire my dog! There"s no needto alarm the authorities. Everything"s under control. Lilo, who was that? Oh, good,my dog found the chainsaw. Lilo! Don"t hang...! Ha! you shouldn"t play v guns. Oh, okay. Thank you. Oh, I simply remembered.It"s your birthday! Happy date of birth! Merry Christmas! It"s not Christmas. Happy Hanukkah! We"re leave Stitch? to trust me. This is no going to finish well. -One potato.-Two potato. -Three potato.-Four. -Five potato.-Six potato. Seven potato, more. My... Mother... Told... Me... You... Are... It. Oh, i win! Thanks. Mahalo plenty. You won"t be disappointed. I"ll show up beforehand to helpwith the morning deliver... Oh, don"t revolve left. No. One of them had a large eyein the middle of his face. Oh, Lilo! you re welcome don"t do this. You know I have no choice. No! You"re not taking her! I"m the only onewho understands her! friend take the away,she won"t was standing a chance! You"re make this harderthan it needs to be. Yet you don"t knowwhat you"re doing! She requirements me! Is this what she needs?! It seems clear to methat you require her a lot more than she demands you. Lilo! Lilo! -Lilo!-Lilo! Lilo! -Lilo!-Lilo! You destroyed everything. You"re one of them? Ooh! get out the here, Stitch. Surprise! and also here i thoughtyou"d be challenging to catch. Ho-ho-ho. Silly me. Lilo? Lilo! over there you go,all buckled up because that the trip. And look-- i even recorded youa tiny snack. No! Stop! Lilo. Aah! Okay, talk. I know you had actually somethingto perform with this. Now where is Lilo? Talk! I recognize you can. Okay, okay. Where"s Lilo? Lilo... Currently all her washing is up! You"re under arrest! read him his rights. Listen carefully. Hello? Galactic Command? Experiment - - is in custody. We"ll wait appropriate here. Huh? Don"t interact with her. Where"s Lilo? Who? What?! Lilo... Mine sister. Uh, sorry, we do not understand anyone by this, uh... Lilo! She"s a tiny girl--this big! She has black hairand brown eyes and also she hangs aroundwith that thing! Uh... We know her. Carry her back. Oh, us can"t do that. Uh-uh. That would be a misuseof Galactic resources. See, difficulty is...we"re just right here for him. For this reason she"s gone? Look at the bright side. Girlfriend won"t have to yellat anyone anymore. Come. O"hana. Huh? Hey! get away indigenous her. No! What did friend say? O"hana means family. Family members means... ...nobody it s okay left behind. Or forgotten. Yeah. Hey... What?!After every you put me v you mean me to aid youjust like that?! similar to that?! Ih. Fine. Fine?You"re law what the says? Uh, he"s an extremely persuasive. Persuasive?!What specifically are we doing? Rescue. We"re walk to gain Lilo? Ih. Oh, good! ns was hopingto include theft, endangerment and also insanity to mine listof points I walk today. You, too? Oh! Yeah, yeah, yeah! What? Did friend thinkwe walked here? This is Gantu, requestinghyperspace clearance. Was standing by for clearance. Clearance is grantedon vector C- . Attach meto the cool Councilwoman. Gantu, what"s walking on? I thought you"d choose to know that the small abominationis... Is... Yes, Captain? I"ll call you back. Exactly how did you acquire out of there? so what precisely are we doing? Don"t worry,is all component of plan. We room professionals. Hey! get that the end of your mouth! host on! Okay, is present time! This is it! go!his Go! Go! little savage!Get off my ship! Stitch! Computer,locate Experiment - - . - - located. We end up this now. Stitch is unconscious. What execute we carry out now? We continue to be close. Hope for a miracle. That"s every we have the right to do. No! Don"t leaving me, okay? Okay. Okay. Okay. Target - - is in motion. Rate is . Impossible! Stitch! Hmm? Abomination. Stupidhead. Yee-haw! Aloha! You"re vile! You"re foul!You"re flawed! also cute and fluffy! You came back. Nobody it s okay left behind. Lilo! an excellent dog. Auwe! David! Hey, Lilo. Deserve to you offer us a rideto shore? Uh... Sure! but I have to make two trips. Therefore you"re from outer space, huh? i heard the surfing"s choice. We have actually - - . Take it him to mine ship. Leaving him alone. Host on. Grand Councilwoman,let me explain. Silence! i am retiring you,Captain Gantu. Actually, credit transaction for the capturegoes to... Goes come me. You"ll be lucky if you finish upon a Fluff Trog farm yard after we kind this point out. Uh... I think ns should... You! You"re the cause of all this! If it wasn"tfor your Experiment - - no one of this... Stitch. What? My name Stitch. Stitch, then. If the wasn"t because that Stitch.... Does Stitch need to goin the ship? Yes. Deserve to Stitch to speak good-bye? Yes. Give thanks to you. Who are you? This is my family. I uncovered it all on my own. It"s little and broken... Yet still good. Yeah. Quiet good. Does the really need to go? you know as well as Ithat our legislations are absolute. I cannot changewhat the Council has actually decided. Lilo, didn"t friend buythat thing at the shelter? Hey! 3 days ago,I to buy Stitch at the shelter. I paid 2 dollars for him. View this stamp? I own him. If you take it him,you"re stealing. Aliens room all around rules. You look familiar. CIA. Roswell. . Ah, yes. You had hair then. Take note of this. This creature has been sentencedto life in exile a sentence that shall behenceforth served out here... ~ above Earth... And as caretakerof the extraterrestrial life-form, Stitch this family is nowunder the official protection the the joined GalacticFederation. We"ll be check innow and then. Ns was afraidyou were going to say that. This won"t be straightforward to explainback in ~ headquarters. I understand what girlfriend mean. Don"t allow those twoget on my ship. CIA? Former. Saved the planet once. Convinced an alien racethat mosquitoes were an intimidated species. Now, around your house... Wait. Mr Almighty,I feeling my temperature increasing Ooh greater and higher It"s burning through to my spirit Baby, baby, infant You"re gonna collection me top top fire yeah My brain is flaming i don"t recognize which method to walk Yeah "Cause her kisseslift me higher Like the sweet song of a choir You light my morning skies With burning love Mmm... Ooh, ooh, ooh i feel my temperature increasing Mmm aid me, I"m flaming I have to be a hundred and nine Burning, burning, burning and also nothing can cool me Mmm i just might turn into smoke yet I feel fine, yes "Cause your kisseslift me higher Like a sweet song of a choir and you irradiate my morning skies With burning love burn love Mmm burning love It"s coming closer The flames arenow licking my human body Won"t you aid me? ns feel like I"m slipping far Oh, yeah It"s tough to breathe and my chest is simply a-heaving Mmm, mmm Lord have actually mercy,it"s burning a feet in me yes "Cause her kisseslift me higher Like the sweet song of a choir You light my morning skies With burn love burn love burning love! burning love I"m just a hunk,a hunk of burning love I"m just a hunk, a hunkof burn love I"m just a hunk,a hunk of burn love I"m just a hunk, a hunkof burn love I"m simply a hunk,a hunk of burn love I"m just a hunk, a hunkof burn love I"m just a hunk,a hunk of burning love I"m just a hunk, a hunkof burning love I"m just a hunk,a hunk of burning... Love.

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Do, do, execute I simply can"t helpfalling in love with you Wise men say only fools sirloin in however I can"t aid Falling in love v you Shall i stay? would it it is in a sin? If ns can"t assist Falling in love with you like a river flows come the sea So the goes,some things space meant to be part things space meant come be take it my hand take it my entirety life also For ns can"t aid Falling in love through you Wise males say just fools rush in but I can"t, i can"t help Falling in love through you take my hand take it my entirety life too but I can"t help Falling in love through you Oh, ns can"t aid Falling in love fallout’s in love through you That"s the method love goes That"s the means it goes and my entirety life, as well I just can"t helpfallin" in love v you That"s the means love go I simply can"t aid myself therefore falling, baby, for you falling in love v you That"s the way love walk That"s the means it go "Cause ns can"t assist Falling in love v you with you... Special assist by SergeiK