If she a fan of Dragon ball Z, or any type of of the other Dragon ball shows, climate you’ve no doubt viewed Goku’s iconic orange and blue apparel with a Japanese symbol on them. What is Goku’s Symbol? you will discover the definition in Japanese in this article!

One thing before we acquire started the you can find interesting is the the type of apparel Goku attract is dubbed a 着 (gi) which is a lightweight two-piece garment that is supplied when engaging in martial arts.

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Usually the word 着 (gi) is tacked onto a kind of martial arts. For example, 柔道着 (jūdogi) is the garments worn for judo and 空手着 (karategi) is what’s worn because that karate. Ns guess you might translate the word 着 (gi) to median “uniform” in this contexts.

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1) The meaning of His an initial Symbol
2) The an interpretation of His second Symbol
3) The an interpretation of His third Symbol
4) The an interpretation of Goku’s Name and also His Famous power Beam
5) expertise Japanese gives You Insights prefer These

The an interpretation of His first Symbol






Goku’s full name is spelled together 悟空 (gokū) which is comprised of two kanji that can each median several things:

悟 : enlightment, perceive, discern, realize, understand空 : empty, sky, void, vacant, vacuum

Knowing the over information, you deserve to say the Goku’s name translates as “One who understands the Sky.”

But if you take it a look at Goku’s complete name, you check out that that is 孫 悟空 (son gokū) which have to hint come this character’s origins.

Goku is in reality based off of sun Wukong indigenous the renowned Chinese story Journey to the West.

Think that the similarities, right? he’s a monkey, he fights through a red pole, he flies around on a golden Nimbus cloud. You acquire the picture.

As for his famous strike move, how countless of you additionally practiced yelling “Ka-me-ha-me-HAAAA!!!!!” when you to be a kid?

What’s interesting is that, even though united state English speakers simply know it phonetically, the actually has some an interpretation behind it.

Akira Toriyama (the creator of Dragon Ball) to be trying come come up with a “kame” assault for grasp Roshi.

Remember that the word “kame” is the Japanese word for turtle 亀.

Toriyama’s wife argued the name of the Hawaiian king “Kamehameha” for the surname of the attack, together they had recently take away a trip to the islands.

Well, the name was PERFECT!

Take a look at just how it is generally written in the manga: かめはめ波

That very first part かめ means turtle.The middle part はめ comes from the Japanese indigenous 破滅 (hametsu) which way ruin; destruction.The last part 波 (ha) is the kanji because that wave.

Therefore, かめはめ波 (kame hame ha) means “Turtle devastation Wave.”

Pretty Fricken Sweet!!!

Understanding Japanese provides You Insights favor These

One of the initial reasons i started learning Japanese was to gain accessibility to amazing anime and also manga that hadn’t been interpreted yet.

What ns didn’t understand then, that i absolutely love now, is that by learning Japanese you actually gain a deeper understanding and also greater appreciation because that the things from Japan, prefer Dragon sphere Z.

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It’s just one that those cases where stuff gets lost in translation from one language come the other, due to the fact that there’s no really a means to keep it.